The Supreme Court of the United States is inclined to respect the moderation policies of social networks | Technology

What are social networks more like? Are they like a telephone? Or are they like a newspaper? The telephone company cannot interfere in what its users say in a call. On the other hand, the editor of a newspaper does have power over what is published in its pages. Are the owners of Facebook, YouTube, … Read more

The Impact and Controversy of the Pistol Brace Rule: Ron DeSantis’s Stance in Focus

2023-10-22 07:00:00 CLINTON ― GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis spoke Saturday in Iowa against regulations on devices that can be used to make firearms more lethal by improving their rate of fire and stability. Responding to an audience member’s question at an event in Clinton, the Florida governor said he would like to see a … Read more

Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone Court Auctions 999999 Mobile Phone Numbers

2023-12-06 12:55:52 The Court of Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, Mainland China, recently auctioned a set of mobile phone numbers ending in “999999”. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) The Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone Court in Jiangsu Province, mainland China, recently auctioned a set of mobile phone numbers ending in “999999”. After 24 hours of bidding, … Read more

Marsy’s Law Abuse by Law Enforcement – Florida Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Release of Officer Identities

2023-11-30 22:48:38 Marsy’s Law, intended for crime victims, now used to shield law enforcement The Marsy’s Law amendment, as approved by Florida voters, was intended to protect victims of crime. But it’s being used to shield law enforcement. C. A. Bridges, Tallahassee Democrat TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — In a sweeping decision with major ramifications for police … Read more

Personal Status Court Ruling: Okaz Newspaper Reveals Case of Female Teacher’s Marriage Mandate and Legal Battle for Marriage Rights

2023-11-23 00:20:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Okaz newspaper revealed that a personal status court in the center of the kingdom decided the case of a female teacher, Adhal, in 9 minutes. Marriage mandate The newspaper said: The court decided to transfer the guardianship of marriage from the father to the legal ruler in order to marry the … Read more

The Goose Debt: A bizarre case of debt repayment with 1,600 geese in China

2023-11-12 06:56:41 Goose. (Image/Pexels) Recently, a case occurred in Daqing, Heilongjiang, mainland China. Sun Nan and Bo Nan jointly ran a restaurant. They owed Song Nan several times for goods with a total price of 100,000 yuan (approximately NT$443,000). In the end, Sun Nan paid 1,600 geese. Some netizens laughed and said, “Goose: I took … Read more