Joe Biden Supports Auto Workers’ Strike in Michigan: Historic Presidential Action

2023-09-26 21:25:24 Democrat Joe Biden traveled to the key state of Michigan on Tuesday to support striking auto workers. The latter deserve a “significant increase” in salary, he argued. A historic step for an American president, according to the White House. An adviser to Donald Trump described the visit as “nothing more than a poor … Read more

Judge Orders Secrecy: Georgia Juror Identities Kept Secret in Trump Election Interference Trial

2023-09-25 21:20:38 The identities of the Georgia jurors who will hear the election interference trial against former President Donald Trump will be kept secret until the end of the trial, a judge ordered.Those jurors “shall be identified by number only in court filings or in open court during the pendency of trial,” Judge Scott McAfee … Read more

Zelensky’s Strong Warnings at UN: Ukraine’s Strategy in the Face of Russian Aggression

2023-09-24 17:18:00 LOOK: Zelensky’s strong warnings about Russia in his first in-person speech to the UN: what is Ukraine’s strategy? The Ukrainian leader’s visit to the US capital comes two days after he appeared for the first time in person before the UN General Assembly and before the Security Council a day later. At both … Read more

Joe Biden received a booster vaccine against Covid-19

2023-09-23 17:41:59 US President Joe Biden, 80, received a dose of the updated Covid-19 vaccine, as well as the annual flu vaccine, his doctor announced on Saturday. «As we enter cold and flu season, the president encourages all Americans to follow his lead“wrote the president’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor. Joe Biden had also received “several … Read more

Controversy Surrounding Manipulated Video of President Gustavo Petro’s UN Speech: Exploring the Alterations and Reactions

2023-09-23 22:09:35 Mexico City ∙ The applause during the speech delivered by Colombian President Gustavo Petro at the UN General Assembly in New York was controversial. The applause received by US President Joe Biden’s speech was edited by the Colombian President’s office and released along with Petro’s speech. The news agency Associated Press (AP) discovered … Read more

“A historic step.” Biden joins a sit-in by auto industry workers in Michigan on Tuesday

2023-09-23 13:12:00 Written by Rabab Fathi Saturday, September 23, 2023 04:12 PM US President Joe Biden announced that he will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to “join the picket line” with members of the United Auto Workers striking against the country’s leading automakers, in one of the most significant displays of presidential support for striking … Read more