Why is the risk of dementia higher in football players? -Why are footballers at a higher risk of dementia

Recent research from Sweden suggests that all players except goalkeepers have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. According to a study published yesterday, top football players are more likely to develop dementia than others. Details of the research, published in The Lancet, compared the medical records of more than 6,000 … Read more

The European investigators will attend the hearing of Riad Salameh and will not be allowed to ask direct questions

Reuters confirmed, quoting two sources, that the Lebanese authorities will allow European investigators to attend the interrogation session of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, who is facing judicial procedures in his country and in several European countries. The European investigators will arrive in Beirut today, on their second visit within the … Read more

Egypt News | Science and technology / Google is working to enhance the security of Android by strengthening the firmware

Google has started working on enhancing security Android operating system at the firmware level firmwarewhich is a component of a software package that interacts directly with the processors on a system on a chip (System on a Chip) SoC. The plan is to extend security in Android devices beyond the operating system, which relies on … Read more

Planting bamboo forests as beautiful as movies, farmers here in Binh Thuan sell something from bamboo that make them rich?

In the morning sunshine of the last days of the year, I stood in the green bamboo “forest”, breathing in the fresh air in the sky. Countless golden rays of sunlight pass through the leaves, through the remaining dew drops, glittering colors on the vegetation under the bamboo. Each shoot of bamboo shoots has risen … Read more

“He cannot be replaced.” The Minister of Finance reveals the possibility of renewal for Riad Salameh

Caretaker Finance Minister Youssef Khalil said that replacing the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, who has held the position for three decades, will be difficult, and his term may be extended, although no consensus has been reached on this yet. Salama had confirmed this month that he “will not seek a new … Read more

A common mistake of smartphone owners who received SMS from an unknown sender: news, smartphone, sms

White news 10.02.2023 12:39 [email protected] Perhaps every owner of a mobile device received an SMS message from an unknown sender. It could be spam or an SMS sent to the wrong number by mistake. And sometimes scammers are involved in sending messages. Unfortunately, many smartphone users make a serious mistake: they follow the link provided … Read more