Spain: Truck crashes into police block – At least six dead – VIDEO – 2024-03-21 01:30:49

Tragedy struck in the early hours of Wednesday, March 20, 2024, with six people losing their lives and three seriously injured. Specifically, six people were killed, including two Spanish militiamen, near Seville, when a truck crashed into a police roadblock, the Andalusian government announced, citing an accident. Three more militiamen were injured and are being … Read more

Serious Car Accident on Charleroi Road: Four Injured and Two Arrested – Latest News

2023-12-09 16:03:06 The events occurred this Saturday, around 4 p.m. Although the circumstances have not yet been clearly established, a car, with a couple and two children on board, is traveling on the Charleroi road. A collision then occurs with a truck. Read also A chase starts in Flanders and ends with a Land Cruiser … Read more

Incredible Accident in Flanders: Car Lands on Truck Below

2023-12-06 22:09:42 A spectacular accident took place in Flanders this Wednesday around 6 p.m. While traveling on a highway, the vehicle missed its turn, crossed a guardrail and fell onto a lower road. In an incredible coincidence, the car landed on the roof of a truck which was parked and therefore stopped on the road … Read more

E40 Motorway Collision: Dramatic Footage of Truck and Car Accident

2023-12-04 16:08:41 This Monday, around 4 p.m., a collision occurred between a truck and a car on the E40 motorway, shortly before the Berloz exit. The car caught fire but fortunately the occupants were able to get out and run to safety. of videos But with the vehicle running on LPG, there was a risk … Read more

Fatal Road Accident in Angleur, Belgium: Investigation and Updates

2023-12-01 20:03:25 A 37-year-old man lost his life this Friday at the end of the day following a road accident in rue d’Ougrée, in Angleur. The tragedy occurred shortly before 6:30 p.m. For a reason that the investigation will have to determine, the driver of a van lost control of his vehicle, according to two … Read more

Traffic Paralyzed: Debris Causes Road Closure Near Dottignies

2023-11-30 16:55:47 This slight collision caused debris to fall onto the road, which paralyzed road traffic for a while. No injuries were reported, but with the work under the tunnel, it was impossible to travel there towards Dottignies at this busy time. Read also Mouscron: more than €6,500 raised for the fight against breast cancer … Read more

European Driving License Laws: Updates and Changes You Need to Know

2023-11-25 10:20:00 1. Driving license at 17 The European Commission wants to lower the legal age for a driving license to 17. ©pololia – Fotolia The new European directive would set the legal age at 18 from which all B license candidates could obtain the precious sesame. But, specifies the draft directive, Member States will … Read more