“AFC and JBIC Join Hands to Accelerate Africa’s Energy Transition: Priority Projects in Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage, and Energy-efficiency”

2023-05-27 13:56:00 (Ecofin Agency) – Africa’s leading infrastructure solutions provider, Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on infrastructure projects that contribute accelerate Africa’s energy transition and promote economic sustainability on the continent. The agreement was signed a few days ago in … Read more

After Louay Alama.. Khaled appears with women’s jewelry and two anklets on the sea (photos)

2023-05-23 11:43:10 Once again, the star Ragheb Alama’s family returns to the limelight in terms of sparking controversy through social media, and Louay Alama, the youngest son, is often criticized for his clothes and movements, but today it was Khaled’s turn with the great criticism that affected him because of these pictures. Khaled published a … Read more

“Bloodshot Eyes: One Possible Warning Sign of High Blood Pressure Revealed by Experts”

2023-05-14 06:52:59 Al-Marsad newspaper: Experts revealed that there may be one warning sign of high blood pressure that can appear in the eye. Retina Dr. Mukhtar Bazrah, a consultant ophthalmologist at OCL Vision in Britain, said that a bloodshot eye could be a sign of high blood pressure, because the condition puts pressure on the … Read more

“Preventing Tooth Decay: Understanding the Causes and Risks of Dry Mouth”

2023-05-12 06:52:59 Al Marsad Newspaper: Dental therapist, Amanda Sheehan, revealed that there are many reasons why a person suffers from dry mouth. “Dry mouth is the result of your mouth not producing enough saliva, which can be irritating and increase the risk of tooth decay and infections,” said a dental therapist at TePe Hospital. “Saliva … Read more

“France Introduces Carpool Lanes to Ease Congestion: Latest Update & Fine Information”

2023-05-10 07:56:44 France will set up lanes on which cars with at least two occupants will be able to travel, the aim being of course to encourage carpooling as well as to relieve congestion on the country’s roads. According to HLN, the A48 motorway between Lyon and Grenoble will be the first to put this … Read more

A male individual in his twenties receiving medical treatment in a hospital setting.

On Friday evening, a driver in his twenties had a car accident in Hoogstraten, Antwerp province. The car left the road and hit a tree, causing a road sign to be torn down and another tree to be uprooted. The driver was taken to the hospital and the road was blocked for some time. A … Read more