The Boyz, ‘BE AWAKE a week ahead’… Comeback date changed to February 20th

THE BOYZ awakens the charm of a new song a week earlier than before. On the 30th, IST Entertainment announced that they would advance the comeback date of The Boyz’s 8th mini album ‘BE AWAKE’ to February 20, one week earlier than before. The Boyz’ comeback date change is said to be due to artist … Read more

‘Attack on Sisters’ 25-year-old beautiful shaman complains of pain by exposing her ex-husband’s atrocities

A storyteller pours out tears because of her ex-husband, who commits unheard-of atrocities, such as demanding a report of her child’s death at ‘Attack’s Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’. On the 31st, ‘Attack’s Sisters (co-production between Media S and SK Broadband)’, a 25-year-old beauty shaman from MZ comes to the story. She asked her older sisters for … Read more

‘I’m Solo’ The chaotic love line of the 12th generation soloists

‘I’m SOLO (I’m solo)’ The love line of the 12th generation solo was on fire. In the real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ of ENA and SBS PLUS, which aired on the 25th (Wednesday), the romance of ‘Solo Country 12’, wandering between ‘hardening’ and ‘giving up’ unfolded. On this day’s broadcast, Young-sik and Young-sook confirmed their … Read more

Standard camera, Danuri camera ‘eye’ followed by 2m class optical mirror

“Did you know that our optical mirror was used in the high-resolution camera ‘LUTI’ of Korea’s first lunar probe, Danuri?” The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea’s representative national measurement standard organization. Yang Ho-soon, senior researcher of the Space Optics Team, whom we met here, said, “The optical mirrors made by the Standards … Read more

“GM, LG Ensol and 4th battery joint venture delayed”

It is known that LG Energy Solutions is delaying discussions on the construction of its fourth electric vehicle battery joint plant in the United States with General Motors (GM), an American automobile company. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing industry sources, reported that negotiations for the construction of the fourth joint plant between LG Energy … Read more