Controversial ‘Bizz&Bike’ Hotel Project in Visé Sparks Discontent Among Residents

2024-04-24 14:30:00

A project which disenchants some Visétois, who came to express their discontent before the meeting of elected officials. They fear, among other things, “a precedent in the municipality opening the door to even greater urban excesses”.

Targeted: soon a “bikeable” hotel with 111 rooms on the banks of the Meuse, a stone’s throw from Liège.

The demonstrators particularly denounced the absence of a “real park on the outskirts of the site, which would return the Meuse to the Visétois”. In fact, the College acquired, last October, land of nearly 14,000 square meters. Half now belongs to the designers of the hotel project and the other half would be intended for a park open to the public.

If the consortium has already planned to build pontoons on the river, as well as an esplanade and green spaces, the protesters do not believe in it: “On the layout sketch, it appears more like the hotel garden than a park for residents”.

The future “Bizz&Bike” hotel in Visé. ©Uman Architect

The establishment project “bikeable”, which seems to want to give pride of place to cycling, does not convince either. “A 250-space car park is planned”, denounces the Stop Béton Visé collective. “Therefore, we must expect significant car traffic and this will worsen the traffic problems on the Visé bridge and in the city center”, he adds.

Soon a 7,000 m² park along the Meuse in Visé?

The Visons Demain group, when announcing the acquisition of the land, feared the ambient noise, insisting that, “for a park to be pleasant, it had to be sufficiently calm”. “The constant noise from heavy goods vehicle and car traffic is unfortunately problematic”, added the advisors.

For these reasons, “and given the scale of the project”, the demonstrators, who refuse that Visé become “Dubai on Meuse”, asked elected officials to “postpone the sale decision so as to allow broad consultation of the population”. Affected by this action, various councilors supported this request, and Martial Mullenders, from Visons Demain, requested a postponement of the item on the agenda, which was not accepted.

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The Caster Himalayan footbridge, nearly 200 meters long, will be managed by a multi-municipal non-profit organization represented by Visé, Bassenge and Oupeye.

However, it was decided to create a commission responsible for evaluating the development project for the Quai des Fermettes. “Some details are missing in the file presented by the consortiumindicates councilor Claude Frémineur, particularly regarding the size of the parking lots and the height of the building”. “

With this commission, which will be held before the summer, each party will be represented and will be able to try to agree on a revised project. Note that the people of Visé are not against the idea of ​​developing a hotel in the area, but that it is important that “this one does not clash too much with the landscape due to its imposing size”.

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