Michelle Yeoh and her husband returned to Maratha to make up for the wedding banquet and wrote “Love Never Dies” in their funny wedding photos

2023-12-19 23:30:46 The 61-year-old Michelle Yeoh (Michelle Yeoh), the first Asian Oscar-winning actress, announced in July this year that she was getting married in Switzerland with her French tycoon boyfriend Jean Todt, who she has been dating for 19 years. At that time, they had already announced that they would return to their hometown of … Read more

Mandy Lieu’s mid-level mansion has multiple ceiling mirrors in the master room to set the mood and feng shui?

2023-12-17 07:15:36 Mandy currently lives in a British manor, living a idyllic life with her four children. (Website image) Mandy Lieu signed a document two years ago across the ocean, pledging the high-rise unit of her Mid-Levels mansion, Jui Ran, with a market value of NT$120 million, as a loan guarantee to repay the debts … Read more

Prabhas Combo; The first lyrical video of Salaar is out

2023-12-13 16:09:53 The first lyrical single from Salaar was released which tells the story of two friends’ friendship. The song starting with ‘Suryagam’ was released. ‘Salar Part 1 Seafire’ produced by Hombale Films is the much awaited film of the Indian cinema world. Prashant Neel directed the movie with Prabhas in the lead role and … Read more

Prithviraj Releases Latest Update Of Prabhas Film Salaar; My first experience…

2023-12-10 17:08:00 Salaar is Prabhas film which is much awaited by movie lovers. The film, directed by Prashant Neel, also has the distinction of pairing Prabhas with Prithviraj. Now actor Prithviraj has released the latest update about the film. Prithviraj released an update on the completion of his dubbing in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and … Read more

‘She will not see Sudhi, what a thing, she will leave the baby’; Renu about the accusations he heard

2023-12-09 16:36:14 mKollam Sudhi was Layalam’s favorite artist. His friends and relatives have yet to come to terms with his untimely demise. Sudhi’s wife Renu and children are recovering from the big shock in their life. Now Renu is talking about the difficulties he faced and the accusations he heard even after Sudhi’s death. Renu … Read more

News Queen plot|Gao Haining asks Charmaine Sheh for conditions, and black material about He Yiting’s sister’s accident is revealed

2023-12-06 13:05:51 In the 13th episode of “News Queen”, Ma Guoming’s MeToo incident ended due to a pure misunderstanding. Gong Ci’en wanted to win over Li Shihua to become the third force of SNK News, but she did not agree. On the other hand, Charmaine Sheh promoted Gao Haining to take over to check and … Read more

‘I have a son, he is my baby Ganesha’; Actress Avantika shared her happiness

2023-12-05 17:10:34 TeAvantika Mohan is an actress who is well known to the audience of Livision. Avantika became a star through serials like Shishravala and Tuwalsparsham. Avantika’s character Shreya Nandini as a police officer in Tuval Sparsh was a huge hit. Avantika is also very active on social media. In the video, Avantika is sharing … Read more

When telling the story of Amar Akbar Anthony, Jayetan got up in the first half – Vishnu Unnikrishnan

2023-12-05 16:37:00 Jayetan got up in the first half when he was telling the story of Amar Akbar Anthony: Vishnu Unnikrishnan ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ is a very popular movie among the Malayali audience. This was a film with a big star cast of Prithviraj, Indrajith and Jayasuriya. ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ is the first film directed … Read more