What doesn’t shave a beard? Laleton’s answer to the question fans were waiting for

2023-12-16 07:21:00 16th Dec 2023 12:51 PM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk mMohanlal shaving his beard is a matter of much discussion in the Layala film world. After the film Odiyan, Mohanlal has heard this question many times. Rumors were rife that Mohanlal had received botox injections for the film Odiyan, and that the facial muscles … Read more

‘She will not see Sudhi, what a thing, she will leave the baby’; Renu about the accusations he heard

2023-12-09 16:36:14 mKollam Sudhi was Layalam’s favorite artist. His friends and relatives have yet to come to terms with his untimely demise. Sudhi’s wife Renu and children are recovering from the big shock in their life. Now Renu is talking about the difficulties he faced and the accusations he heard even after Sudhi’s death. Renu … Read more

Will Pa Ranjith repeat the huge success given to ‘Jawan’ Atlee? The superstar will be the hero!

2023-11-20 18:01:06 ThPa Ranjith is notable among the young directors of Mirza. Tangalan is getting ready for release as the director who gained attention with the said theme and the films he has done. Vikram will be seen in a very different role in Tangalan, which will hit the theaters next year. On this occasion, … Read more

aswanth kok about mammootty: Mammootty is a sensible man, ‘Bandra’ review is not mockery, but mimicry: says Aswanth Kok

2023-11-20 12:48:38 KNegative review or review bombing has been a hot topic in Malayalam cinema for quite some time now. Complaints and lawsuits were filed against various YouTubers on the issue. The court also intervened in this. A case was filed against YouTuber Ashwant Kok and seven others for speaking negatively about Dileep’s film Bandra. … Read more

A Scene Bringing Someone to Kill Me and Dileep: Remembering Hanif Harishree Ashokan

2023-11-10 03:40:25 Actor Harishree Ashokan said the death of late actor and mime actor Kalabhavan Hanif was completely unexpected. No one even heard that he was sick. Harishree Asokan says that he is yet to recover from the shock of hearing the sudden news of his death. The friendship with Hanif started before working at … Read more

Met by a car crash, then fell in love, hoping the family would agree; hat

2023-11-06 03:34:38 YuNihad, popularly known as Hat, is the man who gained attention through the tube. Hat recently faced legal action on complaints of providing bad content through videos. After all this, he is active on social media again. On this occasion, Hatpa Nihad had come to the scene by declaring his love. He said … Read more

Preventing Dissemination of Negative Film Reviews: Monitoring and Solutions

2023-10-25 14:51:56 Kochi: The High Court has directed the online platforms to conduct close and strong monitoring to prevent the widespread dissemination of negative reviews to destroy the newly released films. Justice Devan Ramachandran also suggested that a case should be filed against such reviews that come out of unknown centers with malicious intent under … Read more

Joshi-Joju George film ‘Anthony’ teaser released | Cinema | Deshabhimani

2023-10-18 12:50:47 Kochi> The teaser of ‘Anthony’ directed by Malayalam master craftsman Joshi starring Joju George has been released. ‘Anthony’ is the new film of Joshi and Joju George teaming up after the superhit film Porinchu Mariam Jose. The film is produced by Sushil Kumar Agrawal, Nitin Kumar and Rajat Agrawal for Einstein Zach Paul … Read more