aswanth kok about mammootty: Mammootty is a sensible man, ‘Bandra’ review is not mockery, but mimicry: says Aswanth Kok

2023-11-20 12:48:38

KNegative review or review bombing has been a hot topic in Malayalam cinema for quite some time now. Complaints and lawsuits were filed against various YouTubers on the issue. The court also intervened in this. A case was filed against YouTuber Ashwant Kok and seven others for speaking negatively about Dileep’s film Bandra.

On this occasion, what Mammootty said about the review is getting attention. Mammootty said that the reviews will go its way and if the film is good, people will watch it. Now Ashwant Kok is reacting in this matter. “Mammootty is a legendary actor. He is sensible. He is a man who always speaks sensibly. He has spoken the same way today. Leave the film to the film. If it is meant to be successful, it will be successful. Even after the reviews stop, not every film will succeed. That is true. Mammootty understood that. The role of defensive mechanism” “When a Gamai film fails, it puts the blame on others,” said Ashwant Kok. Ashwant’s response was in Asianet News Sport Report.

Ashwant Kok also responded about Bandra’s negative review. It never affects the movie. No joke. It is a mimicry. Mimic the costume Mimic the voice Mimic the shapeshifting. Ashwant said that it is never body shaming.

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‘Did I tell anyone to read my reviews? I never said that you should follow me and watch the review and then watch the movie. When the mimics show such anger from the stage, the audience of the said movie claps. They want to shut people’s mouths. Then they have to pay lakhs for PR work and make them say that the movie is good. I have said good things about so many movies. Ashwant Kok said that I am doing the video according to the merit of the film.

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