The real size of Kanye West’s lower body suffocated the host on Julia Fox’s show

American rap king Kanye West (Ye) has been changing girlfriends faster than the speed of light since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. A few days ago, when one of Ye’s ex-girlfriends, Julia Fox, was interviewed by the program, she revealed the secret history of her relationship with Ye, and also disclosed the size of Ye’s … Read more

Chris Redd to go under the knife after being attacked with knuckle dusters | Entertainment

Chris Redd is set to go under the knife after being attacked outside a gig. The 37-year-old former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star was believed to have suffered two black eyes and a broken nose when he was punched by an assailant wearing a knuckleduster outside the Comedy Cellar venue in Manhattan last month. And insiders … Read more

Anson Lo was carried away after showing stomach cramps: Sister Hua: It hurts so hard

Anson Lo and Xinyi jointly performed the “Lakuo Concert God の Lakuo” concert tonight (13th). As the first performance of the regroup, Anson Lo was in a brave state on stage, dancing for half an hour. Anson Lo is in a brave state. In addition to dancing and singing “King Kong”, “Megahit” and “Sing This … Read more

Strange astronomical objects appear in deep space, astronomers are puzzled | Neutron stars | Stellar evolution | Strange quarks

[Epoch Times, November 01, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Linda compiled and reported) Astronomers have discovered a mysteriousNeutron starMuch lighter than previously thought, which shatters the understanding of stellar physicsstellar evolutionunderstanding. Interestingly, it probably consists mostly of quarks. This new discovery may rewrite our understanding of the universe. As detailed in a new paper published Oct. … Read more

This is how Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s couples therapy works!

Katy Perry (37) and Orlando Bloom (45) sought outside help – and with success! The two have been going through life together since 2016, three years ago the two lovebirds got engaged. But the couple’s wedding plans have been put on hold for now. In May, the singer surprisingly announced that the two had decided … Read more

In his youth: Orlando Bloom had a ‘near-death experience’

Orlando Bloom (45) has gone through a difficult time. The actor could hardly be happier at the moment: together with his fiancée Katy Perry (37), he welcomed daughter Daisy into the world in August 2020. Professionally, too, things are going pretty well for the Brit and he is in front of the camera for a … Read more