“NVDR”, the main custodian, opens the Naked Short channel on a rampage – Stock Miti

2023-12-17 05:00:37 The stock dimension – Naked Short has become a hot trend again after “Chukiat Rujanapornphajee” Come out and expose the person who did it.Naked Short SABUY stock Yes and send the information to the SET. Completed and moving forward with collecting the names of minor shareholders. Prepare to submit a matter to DSI … Read more

Thai stocks closed up 12.09 points in response to bond yields falling and a weak dollar. Overall market is beginning to see a recovery: InfoQuest

2023-12-15 10:28:12 Stock news 17:14 hrs. 2023-12-15 SET closed today at 1,391.03 points, an increase of 12.09 points (+0.88%), trading value 61,137.63 million baht. Stock trading today The index continued to increase from yesterday. The highest point was 1,398.65 points and the lowest point was 1,382.13 points. As for securities changes today, there were 328 … Read more

SET responds to news of Naked Short Selling, revealing information about SABUY’s shareholders having reported selling 20.585 million shares to US funds : InfoQuest

2023-12-14 07:44:15 Stock news 2:33 p.m. 2023-12-14 The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) clarified today’s news stating that “One company found evidence of Naked Short Selling after closing the shareholder register. It was discovered that a total of 20 million shares of one shareholder were missing without lending the shares.” Stock Exchange I would like … Read more

SET accepts ANI shares for trading on the first day, Dec. 14, at an IPO price of 5.25.

2023-12-13 03:57:55 Receiving securities : Common shares Company name : Asia Network International Public Company Limited (ANI) Securities abbreviation : ANI Secondary market : SET Industry group : Services Business category : Transport and logistics Date of being a listed security: 14 Dec. 2023 Date of starting trading: 14 Dec. 2023 Number of shares registered … Read more

Thai stock market situation: Closed positive 3.23 points, trying to rebound but still lacking new factors to support the downturn.

2023-12-04 16:18:07 SET closed today at 1,383.54 points, an increase of 3.23 points (+0.23%), trading value 35,519.36 million baht. Stock trading today The index tried to rebound but did not go far. The lowest point was 1,374.60 points and the highest point was 1,389.49 points. As for securities, today’s change increased by 224 securities, decreased … Read more

Thai stock market situation: Closed in the morning down 0.35 points, selling pressure on AOT, DELTA, CPALL, CPAXT.

2023-11-29 05:49:02 SET closed the morning session at 1,401.07 points, down 0.35 points (-0.02%), trading value approximately 25,968 million baht. Analysts Revealing that the Thai stock market is swinging in a narrow range, supported by selling pressure on AOT, DELTA, CPALL, CPAXT from specific factors, pushing the index down 5 points, alternating buying pressure from … Read more

Thai stock market situation: closed down 4.01 points in the afternoon, buying back after exports grew close to expectations – excited.

2023-11-27 10:17:26 SET closed today at 1,393.42 points, down 4.01 points (-0.29%), trading value 36,302.87 million baht. Analysts stated that the Thai stock market fell in line with the region. In the first period, there was pressure from lower oil prices, putting pressure on energy stocks. and tourism groups receive results from Chinese airlines canceling … Read more