The Ministry of Transport has 5 directions for reorienting ports and logistics

“Finally putting an end to this after many years of dependence on transit of Russian origin is in the interests of Latvia’s security and growth,” Brishkens noted. He said that at the meeting, the Ministry of Transport proposed five priority areas on how to specifically reorient the Latvian ports and logistics industry, namely: cargo flows … Read more

Re-voting in Kuala Lumpur Still Found in Logistical Bribery Near TPS – 2024-03-12 23:32:14

There was still fraud found at PSU in Kuala Lumpur. (Migrant care) The repeat voting (PSU) in Kuala Kumpur still found fraud. From monitoring Migrant Care in Kuala Lumpur, logistical supplies were found for prospective voters from Democratic legislative candidate Melani Leimena. Indramayu Migrant Care Coordinator, Muhammad Santosa, or who is familiarly called Santos, revealed … Read more

AGL Côte d’Ivoire’s World AIDS Day Initiatives: Training, Donations, and Awareness in San Pedro

2023-12-20 23:47:41 A person receiving a donation from one of the AGL officials in San Pedro. (Ph:Dr) As part of World AIDS Day celebrated on December 1 each year, Agl Côte d’Ivoire organized training and training sessions on December 15 and 16, 2023, in the cities of Abidjan and San Pedro. awareness. The program included … Read more

SET accepts ANI shares for trading on the first day, Dec. 14, at an IPO price of 5.25.

2023-12-13 03:57:55 Receiving securities : Common shares Company name : Asia Network International Public Company Limited (ANI) Securities abbreviation : ANI Secondary market : SET Industry group : Services Business category : Transport and logistics Date of being a listed security: 14 Dec. 2023 Date of starting trading: 14 Dec. 2023 Number of shares registered … Read more

use and advantages in logistics and industry

2023-12-04 17:30:09 Discover the uses and advantages of manual pallet trucks in logistics and industries, and their impact on productivity and health at work. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] The Hercules exoskeleton which gives demigod strength The Hercules exoskeleton presented in demonstration. It mechanically supports the load carried on the back and… Pallet … Read more

Product exhibitions and seminars focusing on warehousing, automation | RYT9

2023-11-06 01:15:51 Exhibits and seminars focusing on warehousing, automation and Vietnam’s only logistics industry Vietnam Warehousing & Automation Show 2024, 23-24-25 May 2024 at World Trade Center Binh Duong New City, Vietnam It is a trade show that brings together providers of warehouse infrastructure (Warehouse Infrastructure Developers), automation (Automation), material management (Material). Handling, Storage, AIDC, … Read more

Revolution in Ground Handling at Cointrin Airport: Dnata’s Concession Ends, Aviapartner Takes Over

2023-10-31 20:18:13 Published on October 31, 2023 9:18 p.m. / Modified on October 31, 2023 9:18 p.m. It should rain on the Cointrin tarmac on Wednesday. But we will be far from the storm that the unions feared in April, when the airport announced that the concession of the Emirati group Dnata, in ground handling … Read more

Build a new pattern of land-sea linkage opening to the outside world and Shanxi-Hebei cooperation to build a new green logistics channel – Finance – China Engineering Network

2023-10-30 10:47:00 Original title: Build a new opening-up pattern of land and sea linkage and Shanxi and Hebei cooperate to build a new green logistics channel On the morning of the 30th, as the train whistle sounded, a train loaded with Shanxi inland goods departed from Kelan County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, marking the “Shanxi … Read more