In California, justice ratifies the law on the independent status of Uber drivers

Published on : 14/03/2023 – 02:14 Uber won a victory Monday in California, where an appeals court ruled that the “Proposition 22” law devoting paid work to the task, while granting drivers some social benefits, was in line with the local Constitution. The law on the independent status of app drivers like Uber is not … Read more

City Hall of SP announces Mobizap, new Uber competitor

A City Hall of São Paulo announced this Thursday morning (9) the creation of the application Mobizap SP, a competitor to Uber and 99Táxi, which promises to make urban mobility in the city more accessible. Mobizap SP will work as an individual passenger platform and promises to offer a more economical option for individual transport. … Read more

Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Microsoft and Uber lay off workers

A recent analysis of the specialized firm Bloomberg shows that major technology companies they have fired more than 150,000 workers in the last 3 years. “Every week there seems to be more mass layoffs in the industry of technology, to the point that it is difficult to remember how we got here”, points out this … Read more

Man who stabbed Uber driver to death in New Orleans and posted video on social media chose her at random

An Uber passenger car in Chicago, Illinois. Foto: Scott Olson / Getty Images The accused of killing the Uber driver who was transporting him in New OrleansLouisiana, picked her at random, authorities revealed. The Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office stated that on December 8, Yolanda Dillion, 54, parked at a city hotel to drop off … Read more

Salary, application, advancement & benefits as a consultant

Working at the Boston Consulting Group “We have more applicants than ever before,” says Carolin Eistert, partner and head of recruiting at BCG. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin In this series, we examine well-known employer brands from the company and employee perspective. This time it’s about the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) achieved … Read more