Rumors, Technical Sheet and possible Release Date

2023-11-29 06:29:00 Samsung is a giant South Korean smartphone manufacturer that launches several models at different price ranges every year. In the future, the brand should announce its new device to compete in the entry-level category: Galaxy A25 5G. A benchmark test of it has been leaked and let’s see how it performed and which … Read more

3 cell phones with good performance and cheap to buy on Black Friday

2023-11-24 12:55:40 A Black Friday It’s there and many people are waiting for this moment to buy a new one. smartphone because there are usually devastating discounts. However, it is necessary to be a little careful about the models that are in circulation on the market as not all of them are worth it. However, … Read more

charge your cell phone battery faster with just one button

2023-11-24 13:27:00 If you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of seeing your cell phone charge slowly, as if each battery percentage took an eternity, know that there is good news in sight. A simple secret can significantly speed up this process, allowing you to charge your cell phone up to 50% faster, saving time and … Read more

The 10 most watched series this week of November 25th

2023-11-25 09:00:00 It’s not new that we Brazilians love a good series. Whether fantasy, funny, investigative or even romantic and soap opera-like, a good story is capable of keeping us in front of the TV, computer or cell phone. And services like Netflix, HBO Max, Globoplay, Disney+, Star+, Apple TV+ e Prime Video These are … Read more

tips, myth team, cheap team and more lineups

2023-11-25 02:20:47 Speak, Cartoleiro! After the break for the FIFA date, “let’s go” to round #35 from Cartola FC. In the last round, our team was above the round average, with a total of 64.85 points, which is higher than the 49.07 points of most top players. In this round, we’re going in search of … Read more

Is Haylou Watch R8 good? Is this watch worth buying? [Review]

2023-11-23 22:32:00 Haylou, a long-time partner company of Oficina da Net, sent us this time the Haylou Watch R8 — the brand’s new smart watch, capable of integrating dozens of functions, some even unexpected, a sporty design, a high-quality screen and a battery that won’t fail anyone. But what about the negative points? Is it … Read more