“Zanga Contact” won the Grand Prix of the National Film Festival in Tangiers

Last night, in Tangiers, Morocco, the feature film “Contact Street” by Ismail Al-Iraqi won the Grand Prix of the 22nd National Film Festival, with 19 … Read more

Iran expands counter-demonstrations and repression against the “women’s uprising”

More than 1,800 detainees in 3 provinces… and dozens of children among the dead and wounded in Kurdistan The Iranian authorities have re-organized counter-demonstrations against … Read more

International shock in the face of the “Boat of Death” disaster, and the Lebanese army was arrested and involved in smuggling

The number of victims of the “death boat” that set off from Lebanon and sank Thursday off the Syrian coast has risen to 89, amid … Read more

Watch .. Rahaf Al-Qunun appears in public with a hotter look in his swimsuit, showing everything of her body to the public and in an indecent way!!

You are now following the news of Rahaf Al-Qunun appearing in public with a hotter look in his swimsuit, showing everything of her body to … Read more

I said it is like this acting and I sat hysterically on the bed and the director didn’t care and continued filming!!

You are now following the news of a famous Egyptian artist who narrates the scene of her hot intercourse: I said that this is the … Read more

Angle: Energy crisis hits Germany, wave of corporate bankruptcies spreading | Reuters

FRANKFURT/MUNICH (Reuters) – Düsseldorf-based toilet paper maker Hakure was founded in 1928. However, due to the sudden rise in gas prices this summer, the company … Read more

Asset sale of foreign banks, creation of list as presidential permission condition = Russian Vice Minister of Finance | Reuters

Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Moiseyev said on Monday that authorities had drawn up a list of foreign banks that would only be allowed to sell … Read more

Hisham Selim leaves, leaving a lump … and “a laughter that rings”

The Egyptian artist battled cancer in the last two years of his life The Egyptian artistic community bid farewell to the artist Hisham Selim, yesterday … Read more

China’s former justice minister sentenced to death with suspended execution for bribery charges Part of purge | Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – Former justice minister and senior public security official Fu Zhenghua (pictured) has been sentenced to life in prison on bribery charges, state … Read more

North Korea has never provided weapons and ammunition to Russia = KCNA | Reuters

North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Sept. 22 that North Korea had never supplied weapons or ammunition to Russia and had … Read more