What are personal deductions and what are they for?

Las deductions personal are a very important part of your Annual statementwhich this year allows you recover up to 189 thousand pesos taxes that he charged you SAT During the past year. He Service tax administration (SAT) reported that the deductions are those bills that the taxpayers They have the right to reduce their incomewhich … Read more

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on mobilization in a practically empty hall (VIDEO)

Provisions on demobilization were excluded from the new law on mobilization at the request of the Cabinet of Ministers. To resolve this issue, the government must develop a separate draft law. “Due to the fact that the subject of the right of legislative initiative – the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – made a decision … Read more

In honor of the 110th anniversary, Maserati introduced a convertible

Like the sister GranTurismo, the new GranCabrio is built on the patented Maserati Atlantis platform with an operating voltage of the battery pack of 800 V. The company’s engineers have been developing it since 2017. The design integrates a fast DC charger, which in 5 minutes restores enough energy to cover 100 km, and charging … Read more

Riga will be swept for 200 million euros

The purchase consists of four lots, and for each a separate contract will be concluded with the company that meets the requirements and offers the most economically advantageous conditions. In order to increase competition, the number of applications from bidders is limited to two lots, and the contract will be concluded for a maximum of … Read more

price has already exceeded 200 pesos per kilo

He precio from poultry breast of pollo ‘it’s going to fly’ in Mexico and it’s already reached more than 200 pesos per kilo; In just a couple of weeks, she racked up a record increase of more than 80% in chicken shops, markets public and supermarkets from the country. Chicken distributors explained to Advertising meter … Read more

Is it worth buying a car with high mileage?

Therefore, if the used car is about 3 years old and has a mileage of 30 thousand kilometers, you have found the ideal option for purchase. But this doesn’t always happen. Is it worth buying a car with high mileage? There are no clear boundaries beyond which a car should no longer be considered for … Read more

price accelerates to more than 27 pesos

He precio from Gasoline in Mexico ‘accelerated’ until more than 27 pesos per liter during the last weeks and it is already more expensive to ‘charge’ combustible in the country that in the gas stations of USA and in several countries of Latin America. The place globalpetrolprices.com reported that the cost of high-octane gasoline, type … Read more