Latin America will have a ‘difficult’ 2023 and its economy will grow little, according to the IDB

Latin America and the Caribbean will face a difficult 2023, with an estimate of economic growth of barely 1% due to the “uncertainties” on the global stage, warned this Sunday the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). (See: IDB warns of the need for policies to reduce poverty in Latin America). “In general, 2023 will be difficult … Read more

Witness .. Emir of Asir ends a dispute between the sheikh of the “Al Qir” tribe and a citizen that lasted for nearly 15 years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The governor of the Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal, ended a dispute between the sheikh of the Al-Qir tribe, Sheikh Muhammad bin Muqeet, and another citizen from the heights of the province, which lasted for nearly 15 years. This came during Prince Turki’s visit to the Tathleeth Governorate, east of Asir, where … Read more

The real estate department file is to the fore.. The escape of employees and the difficult health conditions of a woman arrested from the Baabda district

The file of the real estate departments returned to the fore once again, after the preliminary investigations were concluded in Baabda and were referred to the Appeal Public Prosecution, at a time when the interrogation investigations began in the Zalka district, bringing the number of detainees in the two departments to 54, and more than … Read more

A security statement reveals the details of the arrest of a female citizen and a citizen who committed a major crime in Asir, and their referral to the Public Prosecution

Al-Marsad Newspaper – SPA: The Special Tasks and Duties Force in the Asir region arrested a citizen for transferring two violations of the border security system of Somali nationality, and a citizen for housing him in an apartment rented by him (10) violations of the border security system of the same nationality, and they were … Read more

Watch.. “Al Zalfa” reveals who assumed power in the Asir region after the Ottomans withdrew

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The researcher and historian, Dr. Muhammad Al-Zalfa, revealed the person who assumed leadership in Asir after the Ottomans withdrew. He said during an interview with the “In the Picture” program broadcast on the “Gulf Rotana” channel: “In the last days of the Ottomans, they said that the Asir region will not calm down … Read more