Islamic Affairs announces vacancies with a salary of 6000 riyals.. It reveals the required specializations, conditions and application date

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in Riyadh announced an invitation for those wishing to occupy 491 jobs in Riyadh for my job (imam, muezzin) on the official contract system with a monthly salary of 6000 riyals for undergraduates and 4500 riyals for secondary school, or on the … Read more

The Education Evaluation Authority announces vacancies for both sexes..and reveals the required specializations and the method of application

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Education and Training Evaluation Commission announced, on its website (employment portal), the availability of (men/women) jobs in the administrative, technical and engineering disciplines in Riyadh. Vacancies include: 1- Teaching assistant. 2- Director of the Technical Infrastructure and Operations Department. 3- School calendar operations manager. 4- Senior Reporting Specialist. 5- Director of Operation … Read more

Vacancies in NEOM Social with a salary of 13,000 riyals..disclosure of job titles and method of application

Al-Marsad Newspaper: NEOM Social (NEOM Partners) announced the availability of vacancies for holders of secondary certificates or higher in a number of disciplines; To work in NEOM. Job titles: civil engineer. Community Security Manager. Assistant Director. manager assistant. Attendance and departure record clerk. security guard. civil engineer. Human Resources Manager (Dammam). Occupational safety officer. Human … Read more

alert from the FASFC about a product sold at LIDL, you can return the item without presenting the receipt!

Published on Friday, October 14, 2022 at 7:45 p.m. The FASFC is issuing a recall on Friday of a product sold at Lidl Belgium and Luxembourg. The Spanish supplier Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts SA is recalling the product “Almendras fritas con miel y sal” – FRIED ALMONDS with honey and salt (150g) from the … Read more

“Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority” announces vacancies .. and reveals the conditions and method of application

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority announced, through the LinkedIn Employment website, the availability of vacancies, to work in Riyadh, and stipulated that the applicant be a Saudi national. Job title: Senior Legal Specialist Job Description Preparing the rules, regulations, legislation and guiding guides for the authority, managing and maintaining them, and following … Read more

Vacancies at the Ministry of Investment .. Learn about the required specialties and how to apply

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Investment announced, through the employment website, the availability of vacancies to work in the city of Riyadh, noting that the application is available to Saudis only. She indicated that the required job title is Principal Investors Manager. The Ministry of Investment indicated that the application is currently available. To apply … Read more