Patras: What is Carnival? The Smiriliou family innovates with surprise Halloween products and presents them through “P” – 2024-02-22 04:48:01

This time not with songs and music, but with a futuristic, utilitarian and highly inventive series of carnival accessories, the Smyriliou family returns to carnival events, having written its own important history in the leading cultural institution of Patras! With the pun “Tina Carnival” as a title, George, Takis, Elli Smirilou and Evita Gola, created … Read more

“A Quiet Place” Filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Speak Out About New Sci-Fi Film “65” Starring Adam Driver – Beck/Woods, Iowa natives, launching a cinema in downtown Davenport

2023-03-15 07:00:00 Bettendorf natives Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the Hollywood duo behind “A Quiet Place,” are back with a new sci-fi film “65” starring Adam Driver. A duo of Iowa filmmakers is bringing the Heartland to Hollywood. Bettendorf natives Scott Beck and Bryan Woods of production company Beck/Woodsthe pair of childhood best friends behind … Read more

Federal Council gives the green light to eliminate unequal treatment in parenthood

2023-12-20 20:35:41 State Chamber also confirms DSA accompanying law Vienna (PK) – In order to take into account a finding by the Constitutional Court on the elimination of unequal treatment of same-sex parenthood, the Federal Council Today the majority has the green light for this Parentage Rights Adjustment Act 2023 as well as the necessary … Read more

Enhancing Primary Health Care: The Key to Achieving Optimal Health

2023-12-19 23:13:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Primary Care, Dr. Khaled Abdel Karim, revealed that primary health care guarantees the highest possible level of a person’s health. health care He said during an intervention with Al-Ekhbariya channel: “Primary health care has witnessed a huge leap in the past period, and … Read more

The bitter reality of many single parents: Christmas without a tree and presents in a cold apartment | Association of Feminist Single Parents

2023-12-19 07:05:06 This is what the celebration looks like for many children of single parents: they have to freeze because their mothers can no longer afford to heat them. Vienna (OTS) – While the government is satisfied with itself by assuming that it has done enough for single parents with the 60 euro inflation compensation, … Read more

TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG, editorial: “Competition in having children”, by Liane Pircher, edition from Sunday, December 17, 2023

2023-12-16 21:00:28 Instead of counting your own children, right-wing conservative politicians should better ensure a modern family policy. Innsbruck (OTS) – In Austria the desire to have children is decreasing. Politicians can’t think of anything other than calculating their own birth rates. A tragedy. Until a few years ago there was talk of the “fertility … Read more

Fever in Children: What Parents Need to Know

2023-12-16 18:00:00 As soon as the thermometer rises, parents tend to panic. Even if the fever makes people fear the worst and requires monitoring, it is not necessarily serious. Anxious to bring it down, some parents apply actions that are not recommended. The first aid kit is never far away in the event of a … Read more