Homeownership in Quebec: Average Gross Salary Required and Regional Disparities Revealed by HelloSafe Study

2023-06-06 19:35:53 The gross salary required on the island of Montreal would be $251,100, while it would be $140,987 in Laval, $118,532 in the Laurentians, $116,970 in Montérégie and $107,247 in Outaouais. (Photo: 123RF) House prices have risen considerably since the start of the pandemic in Quebec, and a new study by the firm HelloSafe … Read more

Hospital Employee Commits Suicide Due to Salary Deduction: A Tragic Story of Mental Health and Work Pressure

2023-05-27 01:15:22 Lin Nan couldn’t bear the pressure and went to a dead end. (Photo/recapped from Strait Metropolis Daily) Recently, a hospital employee committed suicide in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province in mainland China. Lin Nan was repeatedly blocked from reimbursement of accounts, and the hospital deducted his salary for more than a year. Finally, he … Read more

‘Go First tells DGCA it will restart, but offers no timeline’

2023-05-23 15:04:52 GoFirst has responded to the show cause notice it received and expressed its intention to resume operations as soon as possible, according to sources at the DGCA. The airline has assured the regulatory body of its commitment to restarting services; however, no specific timeline has been provided at this stage. Additionally, GoFirst has … Read more

“2022 Minimum Wage Increase: How it Can Benefit Older Workers”

2021-12-15 08:00:00 Getty Images In English Workers in half the country will earn more money in the new year thanks to an increase in the minimum wage. That’s good news for older workers, because research has found that increases in the minimum wage help them stay in the workforce longer, leading to better finances in … Read more

“Top Quarterback Cap Hits of 2023 – Rankings and Analysis on Ran”

2023-04-18 07:00:00 Despite his new record deal, Jalen Hurts only has a 2023 cap hit of a paltry $6.15 million, according to Adam Schefter. This means that 25 quarterbacks will put a greater strain on their team’s salary range in the coming season than the 24-year-old. ran shows you the 32 playmakers with the highest … Read more

Why Family and Community Medicine is the Comprehensive Medicine of the Future: Insights from a La Rioja Resident

2023-05-14 06:48:45 When Lucía Peña passed the Resident Internal Medicine (MIR) exam four years ago, it was only clear to her that she wanted to develop her specialty in La Rioja. “I knew that I wanted to stay here, because I am from Logroño, but not the specialty, since it was more clear to me … Read more