Charleroi Funeral Nazi Salutes: Shocking Video Footage and Legal Consequences

2023-11-27 10:52:34 The prospect of the gathering of 2 or 300 people known to be possibly problematic had prompted the Charleroi police to put in place a discreet security system. The police were not disappointed by the spectacle. Leather jackets bearing the 88 logo, for the eighth letter of the alphabet, or HH for Heil … Read more

Effectiveness of Wanted Notices: Insights & Testimonies – High Ranking Website in Google Searches

2023-10-07 10:56:34 The police are constantly asking you with their wanted notices, but is it really effective? By Françoise De Halleux Your testimonies help clarify up to 45% of legal investigations! For other cases, still unresolved, the wanted notices remain current and are still visible on the federal police website. The federal police continue to … Read more

The RuStore store is being adapted to the Aurora operating system

2023-09-07 22:02:27 Until the end of 2023, VK will adapt the domestic RuStore app store for the domestic mobile operating system Aurora. This was told to Vedomosti by two interlocutors familiar with the plans of the companies, and confirmed by official representatives of both developers. After the store is launched, custom application developers will have … Read more

Colombians Abroad: James Rodriguez’s Arrival at Sao Paulo Excites Fans

2023-08-06 18:56:15 Colombians Abroad The Colombian midfielder was received by the tricolor fans along with Lucas Moura. James Rodriguez in Sao Paulo Photo: @SaoPauloFC By: Andres Rocha Florez August 06, 2023, 01:40 p.m. m. James Rodríguez arrived at Sao Paulo a week ago and after his signing became official, the Colombian generated a lot of … Read more

Concerns and Controversy Surrounding the Felling of 238 Trees in Auderghem: A closer look at the Côté Colline property complex and the residents’ appeal to the Council of State

2023-07-15 10:12:06 238 trees felled in Auderghem: “Brussels Environment has confirmed that they are of no interest for biodiversity” The Côté Colline property complex of around 15,000 m² will be set up on chaussée de Wavre in Auderghem. The inhabitants, who do not see this construction in a good light, have filed an appeal with … Read more

“Murder and concealment of a corpse: Latest Updates on the North France Case”

2023-05-10 10:14:31 The mother of one and her companion are among the five people indicted in this case and have been imprisoned, the Béthune prosecution announced in a press release on Wednesday. At the end of their police custody, both were indicted on counts of “murder and concealment of a corpse” and placed in pre-trial … Read more