Egyptian Ministry of Endowments and Israeli Ambassador Agree to Translate Noble Qur’an into Hebrew

2023-05-23 15:18:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Amira Oron, sent a letter to the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments to translate the entire interpretation of the Noble Qur’an into Hebrew. Oron said, according to the Israeli media: “I congratulate this valuable and blessed initiative. For the first time, we can read the interpretation … Read more

“Revolutionary Huawei Watch 4: The First Smartwatch to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels and Conduct Physical Examinations”

2023-05-22 11:59:58 Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: The Chinese company Huawei launched its new smart watch, Huawei Watch 4, which comes as the first smart watch capable of measuring blood sugar without pricking the user, or analyzing a blood sample. The feature of measuring blood sugar in the new Huawei Watch 4 is an achievement for … Read more

“Juanes Reacts to Shakira’s Songs About Separation with Gerard Piqué”

2023-05-22 09:19:47 The Colombian artist reacted to his compatriot’s songs, which have generated a worldwide stir. What does Juanes think of the songs that Shakira composed about her separation with Gerard Piqué? It is said that both Colombian artists have never recorded a song because their relationship is not the friendliest. And it is that … Read more

“Thuraya Storm: Weather Researcher Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini’s Analysis and Prediction”

2023-05-15 00:20:05 Al-Marsad newspaper: The weather researcher, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, said that today is the first day of the Thuraya storm, and its duration is 39 days, and its stars are “Al-Shartan-Al-Bateen-Al-Thuraya”, each star of which is 13 days. Levantine stars Al-Hussaini added, through his Twitter account: “The first of these two conditions is its beginning … Read more

“The truth behind content creator Lama Al-Aseel’s divorce: Insights from husband Basil Khair”

2023-05-14 11:10:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Basil Khair, the husband of content creator Lama Al-Aseel, responded to his wife’s statements after she appeared in a video clip crying. He said in a video clip that his relationship with Lama Al-Assil had been tense for a long time, and he, his children, or the family home were not … Read more

“Potassium Bromate in Saudi Baked Goods: Al-Marsad Newspaper’s Coverage of FDA’s Prohibition”

2023-05-14 04:17:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi Food and Drug Authority commented on what is being raised about the use of potassium bromate, which causes cancer, in baked goods in the Kingdom. potassium bromate The authority confirmed that potassium bromate, which is added to some food products, is prohibited in the Kingdom. Baked goods and pastries … Read more