70% earn minimum wage

He job paid domestic pay salaries of hunger in Mexico and the women are the most affected, because 70% of them survive on one minimum wage a month, without benefits, revealed the Inegi. This means that 70 out of every 100 domestic workers They barely receive seven thousand 467.9 pesos a month, for sweep, trapper, … Read more

Cuisineer: A Cute Food-Centered Indie Game – Official Launch on Steam!

2023-11-10 05:19:27 The indie game “Cuisineer” that was exhibited at the Taipei International Game Show has been officially launched on Steam. In this cute food-centered game, players will return to their hometown to inherit a debt-ridden restaurant and try to continue running it. ! Although the background is restaurant management, “Cuisineer” is an action Rogue … Read more

Discover the Benefits and Risks of Erythritol: The Essential Guide to the Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute

2023-10-24 12:10:00 the essentials in brief Erythritol is a low-calorie sugar substitute Its properties make it suitable as a sweetener for weight loss and diabetes However, excessive consumption can cause digestive problems Erythritol: This is the low-calorie sugar alternative for losing weight Sugar is a blessing and a curse at the same time. For those … Read more

Russia’s Recruitment of Female Soldiers for Combat Missions in Ukraine: Redut Mercenary Unit Offers Opportunities

2023-10-24 01:39:00 Moscow apparently wants to send female soldiers to Ukraine to fight, not to cook October 24, 2023, 3:39 a.m. Listen to article This audio version was artificially generated. More info | Send feedback So far, women in Russia’s war in Ukraine have only been deployed as medics and in the kitchen. That could … Read more

Cook sells Apple stock the most in more than 2 years | Anue Juheng – US Stock Radar

2023-10-04 23:56:54 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents show that Apple CEO Cook sold 511,000 shares of Apple stock, with after-tax income reaching $41 million, the largest sell-off in more than two years. Documents show that Cook sold 511,000 shares of Apple stock, with a pre-tax value of approximately US$87.8 million, the largest sell-off … Read more

Disturbing Case: Odisha Cook Arrested for Luring and Assaulting Minor Boys in Bengaluru

2023-10-04 17:26:40 Bengaluru: A man from Odisha has been arrested for luring minor boys and sexually assaulting them at knife point and filming them. Prabhanjan (47), a native of Odisha, was arrested. The accused is a chef at a prominent hotel in Hubli. He became friends with two boys. Later, they were lured to the … Read more

Little pink glass heartbreak iPhone 15, China’s hot-selling, Cook said “indispensable” | Little pink | Glass heart | Mate 60 | iPhone 15 | Huawei | Far ahead | Apple | CEO | Cook | Weibo | Apple Watch | AirPods | Raimondo | Huawei Wang Zha | Meng Wanzhou

2023-09-23 18:57:28 [Voice of Hope September 23, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Xie Bohu) Although Beijing and Little Pink are fully promoting the “far ahead” of Huawei’s new Mate 60 mobile phone and banning civil servants from using iPhones in the workplace, yesterday The iPhone 15 series, which has been officially launched in China, has … Read more