Cook kept the position of Apple CEO but was cut by 40%: he can only earn 340 million this year – yqqlm

Cook kept the position of Apple CEO but was cut by 40%: he can only earn 340 million this year 2023-03-11 15:40:26 Source: Fast Technology Author:Xianrui Editor: Xianrui Comment() Not long ago, there were rumors that Apple’s current CEO Cook would be fired by the board of directors. In fact, this is impossible. At the … Read more

Poi Treechada wedding menu, both beautiful and delicious, using local ingredients

It has passed beautifully, freshly, beautifully. There is a completeness for the wedding between “Poi Treechada” and “Oak Phakwa” or “Oak Prathiphan Hongyok” because every Completely beautiful, including the bride, groom, wedding dress, venue, ceremony, guests who come to congratulate But another thing that cannot be forgotten is the food at the wedding feast. which … Read more

Laporta meets Messi on Monday, what does he cook?

Barcelona club president Joan Laporta will travel to Paris next Monday to participate in the FIFA The Best ceremony, where the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported that he will meet the world champion, Argentine star Lionel Messi. And if this is true, then the Laporta meeting with Lionel will come two weeks after his meeting … Read more

Hanoi: Warning about fire and explosion risk from burning votive paper on Tet holiday | Society

Hanoi: Warning of fire and explosion risks from burn votive Tet day. (Photo: broadcast by VNA) During Tet, people in the capital often stock up on goods; have the habit and custom of burning incense, performing spiritual rites, burning votive paper, causing a very high risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, each person needs to … Read more

cooking as wellness therapy

This activity is essential from a biological point of view and different specialists used it as a tool to create a new therapeutic method. Not only to generate well-being, but also to achieve a healthier life and improve ties with the environment. “The preparation and consumption of food is an activity that throughout the evolution … Read more

Uncle Faisal tells the story of his transformation from “Captain Pilot” to “Food Truck Chef” and reveals the common thing between them • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Uncle Faisal Siddiqui decided to practice his favorite hobby of cooking and making traditional dishes himself. “My friend” said in a report by “mbc in a week” that he had been working as a “captain pilot” from 1983 to 2018 and spent about 41 years, before heading to become a “food chef” after … Read more