Patras: The Olympic Flame at the house of Palamas – What the event will include – 2024-04-15 03:52:58

There are two reasons why the “Kostis Palamas” House of Letters is celebrating this year. The first is because it is 165 years since the birth of the poet of the Olympic Anthem, Kostis Palamas, but also because this year there will be a stop and reception ceremony at the poet’s house, as part of … Read more

70% earn minimum wage

He job paid domestic pay salaries of hunger in Mexico and the women are the most affected, because 70% of them survive on one minimum wage a month, without benefits, revealed the Inegi. This means that 70 out of every 100 domestic workers They barely receive seven thousand 467.9 pesos a month, for sweep, trapper, … Read more

If you stop working, do you lose your Infonavit savings?

He saving of the Infonavit It is a benefit that everyone has workers formals who work in Mexicobut have you ever wondered what happens with that amount of moneyif you stop work. Or maybe someone has told you that you will lose your saving if you don’t use it… If so, don’t worry anymore, or … Read more

Apple plans to release a smart robot

According to insiders, the company employs teams studying the personal robotics industry. Potentially, a home robot could be Apple’s next big invention. The development of the robot is in its early stages. The material says that the robot could help users around the house, performing various tasks. In parallel, engineers are working on the release … Read more

Sissy Christidou: She has an enviable house – 2024-04-05 23:38:05

On Thursday night, the presenter showed off making strawberry jam with her sons as allies. The result looks delicious, while Sissy appears at her best after finding the perfect balance between life and work. Of course, what we noticed is its modern kitchen. With inox appliances and large spaces, it fits uniquely with the style … Read more

The nest of her love with Fotis Ioannidis – 2024-04-05 06:03:34

“Your new relationship is hurting you. The African dust has subsided two days ago, you are now hoarse after your appearance at the stadium where you went with Foteinoula to see Fotis Ioannidis”, said Giorgos Liagas to Eleni, continuing: “Where did he send the kiss, when he scored his goal ?”… “Guess”, she answered with … Read more