barked incessantly and would not allow the owner to sit down; Rottweiler saved from attack by Black Mamba

The love dogs have for their owners cannot be overstated. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their master. Such an incident took place at a house in Escombe, Queensburgh the other day. The Rottweiler dog owner was not allowed to sit on the couch where he was supposed to rest in the … Read more

survived a hyena attack; 72-Year-Old Man Who Survived Hyena Attack Trampled to Death by Elephant

Attacks by wildlife often end up taking human lives. Only a few survive their attacks and return to life. Wildlife attacks are usually rare in one’s life. 72-year-old Zee Musili, a native of Kenya, was a person who survived an attack by a hyena three years ago. But three years after the hyena attack, Zee … Read more

Chef Suresh Pillai’s life story, Ruchi Nirvana released

The launch of Chef Suresh Pillai’s life story Ruchi Nirvana was held in Kochi. ‘Friends of the world of taste, yesterday was an unforgettable evening. All the joys of life are in this book’… read a note shared on social media. Friends of the world of taste, yesterday was an unforgettable evening of a lifetime. … Read more

Amma’s saree and jewellery, Swara Bhaskar shines in red on her wedding day

Actress and activist Swarabhaskar got married to Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmed on January 6. After registering the marriage under the Special Marriage Act, the actor himself shared the details of the wedding on social media. The wedding ceremony was very simple. The dress worn by the actress on her wedding day is now going … Read more

When I tasted Chilean wine for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling for a long time!

Ten years ago, during my MBA in Ireland, I worked part-time in a super store. Duty will be on off license for some days. Off License- Liquor outlets other than pubs. There is a large collection of wine. Less association with alcoholic beverages before that. The wine in the church was to be dipped occasionally. … Read more

Fish worth Rs 4 lakhs were smuggled in; Greedy seal tragically dies in failed capture after eating every fish in lake

If the competitors are strong, the business venture will have to go to great lengths to avoid closure. But no matter how carefully the business was conducted, Nick North, a native of Essex, England, had to close down the business due to a guest who came to Orkappuram. Nick’s business was shut down not by … Read more