What are personal deductions and what are they for?

Las deductions personal are a very important part of your Annual statementwhich this year allows you recover up to 189 thousand pesos taxes that he charged you SAT During the past year. He Service tax administration (SAT) reported that the deductions are those bills that the taxpayers They have the right to reduce their incomewhich … Read more

70% earn minimum wage

He job paid domestic pay salaries of hunger in Mexico and the women are the most affected, because 70% of them survive on one minimum wage a month, without benefits, revealed the Inegi. This means that 70 out of every 100 domestic workers They barely receive seven thousand 467.9 pesos a month, for sweep, trapper, … Read more

If you stop working, do you lose your Infonavit savings?

He saving of the Infonavit It is a benefit that everyone has workers formals who work in Mexicobut have you ever wondered what happens with that amount of moneyif you stop work. Or maybe someone has told you that you will lose your saving if you don’t use it… If so, don’t worry anymore, or … Read more

Who is obliged to present it?

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that this Monday, April 1, 2024, the official period for the Physical persons present your Annual statement of taxes corresponding to the fiscal year 2023 He pointed out that the taxpayers referrals, from entrepreneurs, workers who issue fee receipts and independent professionals, small business owners and landlords, have until … Read more

states where it is more expensive to rent a house or apartment

The renta of casas y departments In Mexico it became more expensive by more than 20% in the last year, with prices that easily exceed 20 thousand pesos and reach maximum levels of 27 thousand pesos monthly. The real estate portal Lamudi.com.mx reported that Baja California Sur was crowned as the state with the rent … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s reaction when he sees that Thalí escaped from “La Casa de Los Famosos 4”

This Wednesday, in full Valentine’s Day, something completely unexpected happened “The House of the Famous 4” and it was the sudden abandonment from the house of Thalí García fair one day before of the night of nominationbut without a doubt, the most affected was Lupillo Rivera. Thalí’s departure caused her automatic expulsion and although she … Read more