Who is obliged to present it?

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that this Monday, April 1, 2024, the official period for the Physical persons present your Annual statement of taxes corresponding to the fiscal year 2023 He pointed out that the taxpayers referrals, from entrepreneurs, workers who issue fee receipts and independent professionals, small business owners and landlords, have until … Read more

Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga: Match Thread, Live Updates

FULL-TIME, Atlético 0-3 Barcelona: Barça are the first team to beat Atlético Madrid at home in The league this season and have done so with a performance built on excellent defending, great fighting spirt and brutal efficiency in front of goal. The Catalans are back in second place and with this win have virtually guaranteed … Read more

Celine Dion’s Battle with Stiff Person Syndrome: Updates on Treatment and Health Condition

2023-10-25 11:35:00 International singer Celine Dion, who is far from the limelight, still suffers from a rare disorder, Stiff Person Syndrome, which is considered a rare neurological disease that causes painful muscle spasms and stiffness or stiffness in the muscles, and is more common in women. Since revealing her diagnosis in December of last year, … Read more

Food Scarcity Threatens Fur Seals in Georgia: Study Reveals Alarming Decline in Krill Population

2023-10-19 11:15:00 TheKan Georgia Food scarcity poses a new challenge for fur seals living on sub-Antarctic islands, study finds. They were once on the brink of extinction due to heavy hunting. Fur seals on Bird Island in south Georgia feed on things like krill. Fur seals are facing a food crisis due to the recent … Read more

Large windows to enjoy the view, beautiful garden; house of Surya and Jyotika

2023-10-13 10:31:00 13 October 2023, 04:01 PM IST Surya and Jyothika, Surya’s House | Photo: instagram.com/actorsuriya, Janardhan Koushik/Twitter CoSurya is the star of Leawood. The actor tries to bring something new in the characters he plays. Films like Jai Bheem and Soorarai Potter gave the actor another role as a hero. Actress Jyothika is Surya’s … Read more

A fresh love track, Little Miss Rauther is different

2023-10-13 01:38:00 NyeNa Rauthar and Abhijith’s heartwarming love story. The film Little Miss Rauther can be described in a few words. Directed by Vishnu Dev, the film is a romantic entertainer. The film gives lovers of romantic films everything to celebrate. The film unfolds through Abhijith’s eyes. Abhijith has always been passionate about cinema since … Read more