After he was involved in a traffic accident that almost killed him.. These are the latest health developments for the son of actor Jean Bou Gideon.

Actor Jean Bou Gideon reassured everyone about the health of his son, “Elia”, who was exposed to a major traffic accident a few days ago and was taken into intensive care, declaring that he woke up from a coma and thanked everyone who contacted him for reassurance and prayed for his eldest son. Bou Gideon … Read more

A traffic accident entered into the intensive care unit.. Here are the updates on the health status of the son of Jean Bou Gideon

The Lebanese actor, Jean Bou Gideon, assured his followers of the health of his son, “Elia”, who had been exposed to a major traffic accident a few days ago. He was taken to intensive care. Jan announced that his son woke up from a coma and his health condition began to improve, thanking everyone who … Read more

Hidden features in the upcoming iOS 16 version

(MENAFN– Al Wakeel News) Apple’s iOS update will be officially released in mid-September, and it includes a number of major updates to the iPhone such as a redesigned lock screen with widgets and extensive customization, as well as the ability to opt out of sending text messages. and modified. add an ad Here are a … Read more

Disclosure of updates on citizens’ travel procedures to Bahrain via the “King Fahd Causeway”

Al-Marsad newspaper: The King Fahd Causeway Public Corporation clarified the updates regarding the procedures for citizens’ travel across the bridge to the Kingdom of Bahrain. She indicated that the updates include the abolition of the insurance requirement for age groups under 12 years, while the requirements for other groups continue. The requirements include the age … Read more

iPhone users complain about annoying updates in IOS 16.. How to cancel it?

Many lovers are waitingiPhone The operating system IOS 16especially since it contains a lot of cool updates, such as the new fully customizable lock screen, the ability to cancel and modify text messages, and also delete some applications such as books.BOOKS“and shares”STOCKSThat is why some did not wait for the official release of the new … Read more

The son of the artist Khaled Sami reveals the latest developments in his father’s health and announces that he will undergo an operation tomorrow

Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist’s son, Khaled Sami, revealed new developments regarding his father’s health, announcing that he will undergo an operation tomorrow. “Praise be to God, my parents’ condition is stable today, and I have a great feeling that I will hear his voice soon,” Turki said, in a tweet, adding two new photos of … Read more