Indian Women’s Cricket Team Gears up to Face Australia in the Only Test at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

2023-12-20 17:54:02 Mumbai: The Indian women’s cricket team, which crushed the mighty England by 347 runs in the only test a week ago, is going to the next test today. The Australians will be the opponents in the only Test to be held at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The big win against England gives … Read more

The Impact of Unemployment on Parliament Security Breach: Rahul Gandhi’s Criticism

2023-12-16 19:49:18 New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies for severe unemployment and rising prices as the reason for the violence that led to a security breach in Parliament. A. I. C. He was speaking to the media after an election discussion with Gujarat Congress leaders at C headquarters. … Read more

Drug Trafficking Arrests in Kuwait and Oman: Seizures, Arrests, and Investigations

2023-12-15 17:29:18 Kuwait City: Two people arrested in Kuwait with deadly drugs. Two persons were arrested from Jabir Al Ahmad area with 35 kg hashish oil and more than 2000 pills. The accused were arrested by the Home Ministry officials. The investigation was conducted on the basis of confidential information received regarding the transactions of … Read more

Man Injured While Taking Selfie with Lions at Pakistani Zoo: Lahore Incident

2023-12-14 06:06:01 Lahore: A 20-year-old man who tried to take a selfie with a lion is in hospital with serious injuries. The incident took place at a zoo in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Muhammad Amin was injured. Mohammad Amin came to the zoo on the occasion of a fair organized by the government. While sightseeing, he … Read more

Mysterious Deaths at Putin’s Favorite Newspaper: Deputy Editor Found Dead in Moscow

2023-12-13 18:17:47 Moscow: A young woman, who is the deputy editor of a newspaper favored by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been found dead. 35-year-old Anna Sareva was found dead inside the house. Anna is the deputy editor of Putin’s favorite Komsomol newspaper, “Skaya Pravda”. The dead body was found by the girl’s father at … Read more

Israel-Gaza Conflict: US and India’s Call for Ceasefire and International Isolation

2023-12-13 20:23:27 Blame the US and Israel alone India in favor of ceasefire resolution Tel Aviv: The Israeli army has reportedly started pumping seawater into underground tunnels in Gaza to destroy Hamas fighters. An American media released the news. It was previously reported that such a project is under consideration by Israel. Israel has discovered … Read more

Puma Withdraws Sponsorship from Israel National Football Team: Financial Reasons or Political Motives?

2023-12-13 09:12:13 Tel Aviv: Puma, the leading German sports apparel manufacturer, has withdrawn from the sponsorship of Israel’s national football team. Sponsorship of Israel’s national team is ending at the end of this year. The company has decided not to sponsor the team’s kit from 2024 onwards. There are rumors that Puma’s withdrawal is due … Read more