“You are not welcome here.” Watch… a Saudi fan attacks an Israeli reporter who asked to meet him

Al-Marsad newspaper: documented a video clip, in which a Saudi fan refused to speak with an Israeli reporter, during the coverage of the World Cup competitions in Qatar. The Israeli reporter tried to interview the national team fan, but he surprised him by replying: “You are not welcome here.” The Saudi fan told the Israeli … Read more

‘Kabali’ without Kalidaga; KSRTC by stabbing in the horn. The bus lifted

Thrissur: KSRTC went from Chalakudy to Malakappara. Katana Kabali attack on the bus. The incident happened last night around 8 o’clock. The passengers said that the elephant rushed towards the bus, lifted the bus with its horns and put it down. Bus service from Chalakudy to Malakappara was at 5 pm. The incident took place … Read more

After the attack in Concepción: deputy calls the request for a State of Exception “populist” | National

Parliamentarians from the ruling party and the opposition referred to the request for a possible State of Exception for the province of Concepción, after the latest arson attacks. While from the Penquista Chamber of Production and Commerce they called on the authorities to take charge of the problem. There are several voices and representatives in … Read more

Chris Redd to go under the knife after being attacked with knuckle dusters | Entertainment

Chris Redd is set to go under the knife after being attacked outside a gig. The 37-year-old former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star was believed to have suffered two black eyes and a broken nose when he was punched by an assailant wearing a knuckleduster outside the Comedy Cellar venue in Manhattan last month. And insiders … Read more

Three cables cut: Attack on worldwide internet connection politics

Cables have been cut again in France. But this time the attackers apparently aimed precisely at international data traffic. reported about it „heise.de“. The industry service writes that the strangers struck on the night of October 19. Three fiber optic cables were cut near Marseille. This time, worldwide data highways are affected, over which information … Read more