“USS Gerald R. Ford in Oslo: United States’ Largest Aircraft Carrier Sends a Threatening Message Against Kremlin?”

2023-05-27 13:08:00 USS Gerald R. Ford in Oslo “Threatening” against the Kremlin? United States send largest aircraft carrier Updated on 05/27/2023 – 15:08Reading time: 3 min. The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford entering the Oslofjord. (What: t-online) A ship as big as a city. The USS Gerald Ford has arrived in Norway. As a … Read more

“Will Ukraine Survive? Analysis of Kiev’s Planned Counter-Offensive and the West’s Support in the Russia-Ukraine War”

2023-05-26 04:26:22 AAttackers Russia have not yet achieved their goals in Ukraine. It is not clear whether Kiev’s planned counter-offensive will bring decisive success. The West continues to support the country, most recently F-16 fighter jets were promised. Will Ukraine survive the war? And how will Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin act in the event of … Read more

Understanding Putin: Henry Kissinger Talks About Motives and Probability of Nuclear War

2023-05-25 22:12:00 Henry Kissinger is someone who has known Vladimir Putin for a long time and has met him often. The US diplomat talks about the motives of the Kremlin ruler and the probability of a nuclear war. Henry Kissinger is one of the most influential politicians of the 20th century. The Harvard professor and … Read more

“Russian Propaganda in the West: Fake Ukrainian Demonstrations with Nazi Salutes”

2023-05-07 19:58:00 Fake Ukrainians with a Hitler salute Report: Russia stages demonstrations in the West May 7, 2023 at 9:58 p.m At demonstrations in Western capitals, groups of people apparently cavort under false flags. According to leaked documents from the Kremlin, they are being sent by Russian secret services. The purpose: create a mood – … Read more

“Kremlin Accuses Ukraine of Attempted Drone Attack on Putin: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-03 13:26:07 Abroad Russia Kremlin accuses Ukraine of attempted drone attack on Putin – Kiev denies responsibility As of 3:43 p.m | Reading time: 2 minutes “Consider this a planned terrorist attack” – Ukraine wanted to attack the Kremlin with drones, says Russia Russia says it shot down two Ukrainian drones aimed at the Kremlin … Read more

“Putin Doubles Rumors Debunked: Kremlin Speaks Up About President’s Health and Activities”

2023-04-25 05:23:00 Tuesday, April 25, 2023 “Double Just a Lie” Kremlin speaks of “megaactive” Putin So far there is no evidence of a double of Putin. (Foto: picture alliance / Sven Simon) The Russian President’s public appearances are becoming rarer. Rumors about Putin’s use of doubles have persisted for years, as has his health. “All … Read more