Russia is using Trump to make terrorism allegations against Biden 2024-04-10 23:47:35

IIn the statement from the Russian Investigative Committee, neither the name of American President Joe Biden nor the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall near Moscow, in which at least 144 people were killed on March 22, are directly mentioned. But the aim is obviously to establish a connection between the two: the committee announced … Read more

Russia’s demographic problem: Putin wants more births 2024-04-08 06:30:34

SFor some time now, Russia has again been honoring “heroine mothers”: women who have given birth to ten or more Russian citizens. Vladimir Putin reintroduced the order, which had been forgotten with the end of the Soviet Union, in the summer of 2022. If the president had his way, Russian families would soon have at … Read more

How Russia wants to conquer and divide Ukraine 2024-04-04 20:54:34

Medvedev’s appearance in Sochi on March 4 in front of a map dividing Ukraine between Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary Image: Kommersant/Picture Alliance Sometimes senior Russian politicians say that Ukraine should become entirely Russian, sometimes they talk about dividing the country between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. What is that supposed to mean? ADmitry Medvedev … Read more

Vladimir Putin is his great friend 2024-04-02 20:44:35

GErhard Schröder eats less currywurst. Instead of beer there is non-alcoholic rosé, bread rolls with butter and jam are canceled. Now oat flakes and oat milk are on the table and, very important: nuts. This is what his wife Soyeon Schröder-Kim’s diet plan says, which she revealed to the press. He promised her thirty years … Read more

What Vladimir Putin and the Hun King Attila have in common 2024-04-02 10:17:34

Is there a Putin to be seen? “Huns before the enemy”, painting by V. Checa Bild: Picture Alliance A look at the history of violence in Eastern Rome shows that a timid appeasement policy cannot contain a predatory state that is riddled with mafia structures and lives off looted goods. A guest post. HIt took … Read more

Suwałki gap: Lukashenko threatens NATO 2024-03-28 02:09:49

EIt was a scene straight out of a James Bond film, with Alexandr Lukashenko in the role of the supervillain. For the first time, the Minsk ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly discussed possible military operations in the so-called Suwałki Gap between Belarus and the Russian exclave Königsberg. Sitting on Lukashenko’s lap was the … Read more

Russia after the attack: Open torture of terror suspects 2024-03-26 02:42:35

Accused: One of the suspects in the attack on the concert hall on March 24th in front of a Moscow court Image: AFP It has long been known that Russian security forces use torture. It’s just that the security apparatus tried to cover up the abuse – until the terrorist attack in Moscow. Dhe presentation … Read more

“Freezing war is a dangerous idea” 2024-03-24 20:59:34

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström is happy that his country is now part of NATO. Image: Reuters Russia wants to reintegrate the Baltics and Poland into its empire, says Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström. NATO must defend itself against this. Foreign Minister, Russian President Putin claims that NATO does not bring any advantages to Sweden … Read more