SPD is considering suspending the voluntary admission of migrants

Veulae Ieae uul elueO BV-Iletteu enO VOaeua Oll PuulpOlaleuleu elkokeu penlpeke lueueuoutlllhel peu Blneh ent lletleu. Puttle pep Ueup “vellelklu ulekl en eluel Oeupekeuvelplaeu Butlllh Oll Ptleh ent ple Bellnuappekltte” tlupeu nup Zlaleuleu “eluteek ueek Zulpeu pnlektelleu”, peuu Oeppe pel puaeueuule PutlpellllolpOeekeulpOnp Oll lletleu “enpaepelel” velpeu, peal pel Olalelluupoutlllpeke Poleekel pel PBB-Blehlluneel, Uelp Peplett VBUI. … Read more

“It can’t go on like this”: FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki threatens to stop traffic lights | politics

He’s had enough! FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki (70) has had enough of toad swallowing at the traffic lights – and of the ever-changing demands of red and green! Kubicki calculates in BILD: ► CROCKLE “The Greens and SPD are constantly coming up with new demands – that’s no longer possible. If that doesn’t change in … Read more

Before the citizen money summit: now penalties for support recipients politics

On Wednesday evening, the mediation committee in the Bundesrat meets and wants to get the controversial citizen’s allowance off the ground. Traffic lights and the opposition have been working on the plans for the social benefits on which 5.3 million people in Germany depend for a week. Now the finale in the permanent dispute! So … Read more

Highest Jewish holiday: SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Regional

On the highest Jewish holiday | SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Well intentioned, badly done: Hesse’s SPD congratulated the Jews on Yom Kippur (October 4-5) on Facebook – and showed a photo of the Dome of the Rock! Although the building is in Jerusalem, it is one of the main Islamic shrines. also read … Read more

The quarantine chancellor: This is how Scholz governs the country with Corona politics

The Quarantine Chancellor | This is how Scholz governs the country with Corona Von: N. Aswad, A. Hellemann, A. Link, R. Schuler The Chancellor has Corona. And now? BILD knows the details. Olaf Scholz (64, SPD, vaccinated four times) landed from Qatar at Berlin Airport BER (military part) shortly before half past eleven on Sunday … Read more

Debate on tank deliveries: Klingbeil: “It is important to prevent the Third World War”

Debate about tank deliveries Klingbeil: “It is important to prevent the Third World War” 09/23/2022, 02:08 am Germany, together with other Western countries, must stand united behind Ukraine, says the SPD chairman. In this context, unity also means not daring to go it alone when it comes to arms deliveries. Klingbeil rates the escalation potential … Read more