Student Protests at Virginia Commonwealth University and University of California Berkeley Graduation – 2024-05-13 18:56:46

Dozens of VCU and UC Berkeley students staged a protest at graduation, some students left the room(SF Chronical) DOZENS of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) students walked out of their graduation ceremony on Saturday, in part because of the response of one speaker – the state’s governor – to protests on campus. This comes as school … Read more Germany has a record number of workers

There are currently more than 46 million employed citizens in Germany, which is more than ever before, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the occasion of International Labor Day. Last year, employees in Germany worked a record number of hours in total, he emphasized in a video message released on Wednesday, May 1. At the … Read more

Mercosur must open to ‘agreements with other countries’, says Argentine chancellor

RADIO HRN São Paulo.-A free trade agreement between China and Mercosur “would be good for all of us,” said Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino in Sao Paulo, advocating for a “modernization” of the bloc, after new difficulties in concluding an agreement with the European Union. . Mondino indicated the position of the government of ultra-liberal … Read more

Olaf Scholz’s government lacks specialist knowledge: evaluation of management advice 2024-04-10 09:14:38

What did you study? Ministers and state secretaries at the first cabinet meeting of the new year at the beginning of January Image: dpa Economists and engineers are rare in government – this is shown by an analysis by the management consultancy Horváth, which is available to the FAZ. Not even every second manager had … Read more

The shattered US dream of the MLF nuclear force 2024-04-04 11:44:43

AGiven the uncertainties surrounding the upcoming presidential election in the USA, a discussion has begun in Europe about the future defense of the continent. This is also about the nuclear component. Who will put the “nuclear umbrella” over Germany in the future if President Donald Trump no longer wants to do this? Here we first … Read more

Vladimir Putin is his great friend 2024-04-02 20:44:35

GErhard Schröder eats less currywurst. Instead of beer there is non-alcoholic rosé, bread rolls with butter and jam are canceled. Now oat flakes and oat milk are on the table and, very important: nuts. This is what his wife Soyeon Schröder-Kim’s diet plan says, which she revealed to the press. He promised her thirty years … Read more

Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with the Baltic countries and is ready to defend them

Scholz acknowledged that these are difficult times in international politics and we need to consider that some things we relied on are no longer what they should be, especially noting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The German Chancellor recalled that Latvia and Germany have been close EU and NATO partners for 20 years, with Germany supporting … Read more

Historian Winkler criticizes the SPD’s Russia policy 2024-03-27 17:04:34

Together for Ukraine? Federal President Steinmeier and Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) in February with the Ukrainian ambassador Oleksii Makeiev (center) during the shooting training of the Leopard 1 of the EH military aid mission Ukraine at the Klietz military training area Image: Frank Röth The Ukrainian ambassador has no understanding of Mützenich’s term “freezing”. … Read more