sacai Nike launched a new shoe design this year! It looks “ugly” but will it be the new trend of sneakers this year? _Air_Yeezy_Supreme

Original title: sacai Nike launched a new shoe design this year! It looks “ugly” but will it be the new trend of sneakers this year? In the past few years, sacai has brought new designs almost every year. Last year, it also released an improved version of a pair of “Forrest Gump Shoes”. After the … Read more

What is the value of the “small face” dollar and how to change it?

The dollar “small face” It is one of the oldest designs of the bill in circulation, which shows the face of Benjamin Franklin in a small box, distinguishing itself from the “large face” (also called “medium face”) and blue, which have increased security measures. Where to change the small head dollars? The dollar “small face” … Read more

How much is it trading at and what is its price this January 23, minute by minute

The first thing we have to mention is the severity of the drought and its impact. Perhaps due to a professional bias, engineers cling to numbers and, on this issue that some play by ear or very superficially to make it less important, it must be said that it is the worst drought in 60 … Read more

The highest price the dollar would reach, according to economists

The foreign exchange market has a busy summer, because while the free dollar prices escalated sharply in the last days, the official greenback is in the crosshairs of economists. It is that an international report reflects new pessimistic forecasts, which anticipate that a strong rise may occur both in the price of the wholesale currency … Read more

Sweden close in on quarter-finals, Poland eliminated

Sweden, victorious on Wednesday from Hungary (37-28) to start the main round, took a step towards the quarter-finals of the World Cup, in which the other organizing country, Poland, eliminated after its defeat against Spain (27-23). In Krakow, the Poles competed for a long time, but ended up giving in in the last minutes against … Read more

Denmark and Germany qualified

Denmark, winner of Bahrain, and Germany, victorious in the shock against Serbia, obtained their ticket for the main round of the Men’s World Cup on Sunday, like Norway, Qatar, the Netherlands, Egypt and Croatia. The Danes, double defending champions, made the hole from the start of the match (8-1) to qualify at a slow trot. … Read more