Illegal Dumping Crisis at Gamma Store in Marcinelle: Urgent Action Needed

2023-11-23 15:32:42 This has not escaped the notice of the many people who usually pass by the Gamma store, located along avenue Paul Pastur, in Marcinelle. For several days, illegal dumping has been poisoning, literally and figuratively, the managers of this store… who, as soon as they discovered the presence of this trailer and the … Read more

Gibraltar LIVE: A victory to ensure top seed at the Euro… Follow the match with us from 8:30 p.m….

2023-11-18 08:02:36 9 a.m.: Hello little friends and welcome to 20 Minutes to follow this Group B clash between France and Gibraltar! We’re obviously joking since this Group B match appears super unbalanced between one of the best nations in the world, France, and the 198th in the FIFA rankings, Gibraltar. This is also evidenced … Read more

Shocking Video of Lidl Customer Threatening Another Goes Viral – Watch Now!

2023-11-10 10:35:00 It’s an astonishing video to say the least which comes to us from England, and more precisely from Camberley, west of London. The scene was filmed on October 25 by a customer of a Lidl store and, in it, we see another customer threatening her following a driving incident. Linda Schofield, 57, said … Read more

The true color of the sun

2023-11-01 20:30:00 The sun is “white” but, seen from Earth, it appears a bit yellowish because of an optical effect that occurs when its light passes through the atmosphere. Let’s see… In our eyes, there are cells that are sensitive to light, and they come in three “kinds,” so to speak: there are cells that … Read more

Green Hydrogen: Australia’s Ambitions and John Cockerill’s Expansion Plan

2023-10-25 06:05:00 Many young expatriates would be hired under this status in Australia and elsewhere, which allows them to more easily access professional experience abroad. The mission entrusted by John Cockerill to Alexis Guerriot consists of finding international buyers for his electrolysers. The company, based in Seraing, is one of the world leaders in the … Read more