Vladimir Putin is his great friend 2024-04-02 20:44:35

GErhard Schröder eats less currywurst. Instead of beer there is non-alcoholic rosé, bread rolls with butter and jam are canceled. Now oat flakes and oat milk are on the table and, very important: nuts. This is what his wife Soyeon Schröder-Kim’s diet plan says, which she revealed to the press. He promised her thirty years together at the wedding. And so the former Chancellor and SPD chairman, who turns 80 on April 7th, is changing his ways.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for features online and “media”.

The film “Out of Service?” shows us what he doesn’t change. The Gerhard Schröder Story” by Lucas Stratmann, which ARD is showing from today on in the media library and on the first on the evening after Schröder’s birthday. He doesn’t change anything; He questions nothing about his political career, nothing about his insights, nothing about himself and his “male friendship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose army is devastating Ukraine and committing numerous war crimes and, when it’s done with them, in the Baltics , in Moldova and Poland could continue until Berlin was within battle tank range. Unless Germany begins to awaken from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. This is a scenario that goes beyond the former Chancellor’s imagination. He lives in another world. And he’s supposedly doing well there.

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