Olaf Scholz’s government lacks specialist knowledge: evaluation of management advice 2024-04-10 09:14:38

What did you study? Ministers and state secretaries at the first cabinet meeting of the new year at the beginning of January
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Economists and engineers are rare in government – this is shown by an analysis by the management consultancy Horváth, which is available to the FAZ. Not even every second manager had previously worked in business.

DThe top positions in a government are not awarded through an open selection process, and for good reasons: they are not a training profession in which you only need good certificates for a career – party loyalty also depends heavily on them. Because without the stable support of a parliamentary majority, the government would be fighting a losing battle. Nevertheless, their success also depends on the professional and other qualities of the top staff.

The international management consultancy Horváth has now examined the current federal government in more detail according to these standards in a study and has come to a skeptical conclusion. The government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and its ministries “lack specialist knowledge and practical experience,” is their conclusion. She bases it primarily on this finding: Among the management staff in the government apparatus, only a minority of a fifth have studied an economics subject and not even 5 percent have studied a scientific and technical subject. On the other hand, political scientists and other humanities scholars (a good third) and lawyers (a good quarter) dominate.

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