US secret service sounds the alarm: China can control millions of our cell phones! | politics

Spy alert! Millions of mobile phone users at risk! Communist China could control MILLIONS of cell phones thanks to an app. This was said by the head of the US domestic intelligence agency FBI. The specific concern: all users who have installed a specific app could be controlled, monitored and manipulated. The problem: Millions of … Read more

Is China spying in the port of Hamburg? US authorities are sounding the alarm | Money

US security authorities are sounding the alarm: Chinese-made gantry cranes could collect sensitive data in ports, including information about military goods (“Wall Street Journal”). Manufacturer of the cranes: the Chinese state-owned company ZPMC. According to US security circles, the ZPMC cranes are essentially “Trojans”. Container gantry cranes from ZPMC are also in use in the … Read more

Irritations about missiles: Moldova temporarily blocks airspace

Wednesday February 15, 2023 Irritations about missiles Moldova temporarily closes airspace As a neighboring country to Ukraine, Moldova fears becoming the target of Russian attacks. (Photo: IMAGO/YAY Images) An unknown flying object is sighted over Moldova. Later, a missile also appears over neighboring Romania that cannot be identified. Speculations about a Russian spy balloon are … Read more

Now César Milani accused sectors of the Navy of carrying out “illegal espionage”

In this way, the former head of the Army tried to detach himself from the accusations against him. And he said that those retired admirals that he did not identify are behind the chat leak of the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro. The former head of the Army Cesar Milani tried to get … Read more

Double spy, get out – Newspaper Kommersant No. 240 (7441) of 12/24/2022

The German authorities hope that they were able to deliver a “serious blow to Russian espionage.” This was stated by German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, commenting on the arrest of an agent of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Carsten L., suspected of collaborating with Russia. The double agent faces a prison term of up … Read more