What Vladimir Putin and the Hun King Attila have in common 2024-04-02 10:17:34

Is there a Putin to be seen? “Huns before the enemy”, painting by V. Checa
Bild: Picture Alliance

A look at the history of violence in Eastern Rome shows that a timid appeasement policy cannot contain a predatory state that is riddled with mafia structures and lives off looted goods. A guest post.

HIt took historians decades to deconstruct the idea of ​​a permanent danger from the East, which is deeply rooted in European societies. Vladimir Putin updated it again on the night of February 24, 2022 at the latest. Even under the best of circumstances, it will take decades to repair this damage to mutual perception. Everything must be done, but our generations will no longer experience this.

The voices that are currently increasingly pushing for “freezing” the war in order to find a peace solution in the medium term will not change this – especially if these calls are placed in a historical perspective. It is worth looking at individual historical moments in which a threat from the East arose in Europe.

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