“Release of Doctor Chon Nan” Unrelated to Party as “Thaksin” Pursues Personal Return to Thailand

Doctor Chon Nan revealed that former Prime Minister Thaksin expressed his desire to return to Thailand, which is a personal matter and not related to the party. Dr. Chon Nan was listening and exchanging ideas with dairy farmers in Muak Lek District, Saraburi Province, discussing the challenges faced by dairy farmers. The Pheu Thai Party … Read more

Named an unusual cause of dementia | CAPITAL on Onego

News. Society 00:12, 05 March 2023 photo: TASS / Artyom Geodakyan The doctor explained what a simple daily action will help reduce the risk of dementia. Michael Moseley, a British doctor and host of television programs on biology and medicine, spoke on his Just One Thing podcast about a daily habit that helps against dementia. … Read more

Even without a cough: a strange “cold” sends Russians to the hospital with pneumonia

News. Society 00:10, 12 February 2023 photo: © cdn.shopify.com Epidemiologists are talking about a continuing rise in cases of influenza and SARS. As the patients themselves say, at first everything starts like a common cold. However, after just a few days, people suddenly find themselves in a hospital bed with pneumonia, says in the message … Read more

Why was Steinmeier allowed to laugh, but Laschet wasn’t?

WWhy wasn’t Laschet allowed to laugh, but Steinmeier could? Well, of course everyone can laugh where and how they want. But the price is very different. Armin Laschets Lacher is well known. When asked about his biggest mistake in the election campaign, the chancellor candidate himself mentioned laughter in the flood zone in an interview … Read more

France’s Republicans send Valérie Pécresse to the presidential election

Valerie Pécresse Pécresse is currently President of the Regional Council of the capital region Île-de-France. (Photo: dpa) Paris In fact, Valérie Pécresse had already turned her back on the party for which she was running against incumbent Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election in April. Pécresse was once education and budget minister under former … Read more

Tobias Hans: Saar-CDU nominates the top candidate

Tobias Hans The Prime Minister of Saarland wants to be re-elected. (Photo: dpa) Saarbrücken The state board of the Saar-CDU nominated the state chairman and prime minister Tobias Hans as the top candidate for the state elections in spring 2022. The decision in favor of the head of government of the smallest area in the … Read more