European elections, the electoral marketing campaign ends amidst poisons and skirmishes –

The electoral marketing campaign ends amid venom and skirmishes, even between allies, for a European vote which, happening with proportional illustration, has successfully given rise to an “all towards all” to attempt to carry grist to 1’s mill. Among the many central themes, the chance of abstentionism, with all of the leaders, ranging from Prime … Read more

MR’s Political Offensive: Displaying 20m² Posters Across Belgium to Sway Voter Opinion

2023-12-05 17:30:00 This Tuesday, the French-speaking liberal party deployed 20 m² posters in 131 locations in Belgium. These cupboards are distinguished from afar by a duplicity of tone which reflects an opposition without nuance. On one side there is the problem (in Wallonia and Brussels, it is clearly the red of the left) and on … Read more

Modi’s Swipe at Rahul Gandhi: King of Fools

2023-11-14 14:34:56 Betul: Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ‘king of fools’. He was addressing a public meeting at Betul in Madhya Pradesh. Narendra Modi was reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s speech addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh the other day. Rahul Gandhi said that the phones in people’s pockets are made in … Read more

Sleep Deprivation: The Impact on Health and Well-being

2023-10-27 21:10:00 News. Society 00:10, 28 October 2023 photo: © iStockphoto The doctor spoke about health problems that will inevitably occur if a person sleeps little. If you don’t sleep enough or your sleep is constantly interrupted, you won’t be able to fully rest during the night. It’s difficult to concentrate and work the next … Read more

Trump’s Decision to Skip Republican TV Debate and Rally Unionists in Detroit

2023-09-19 07:04:00 Donald Trump also wants to skip the Republicans’ second television debate in the race for the presidential nomination. Instead of taking part in the next TV debate on September 27th, he wanted to give a speech to a group of unionists in Detroit, a Trump adviser said. Trump is expected to give his … Read more

5 Daily Health Habits for Longevity: Advice from Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne

2023-08-16 21:10:00 News. Society 00:10, 17 August 2023 photo: © IStockphoto Neurosurgeon Brett Osborne leads the Senolytix anti-aging center, where they help develop healthy habits. In an interview with Fox News, the doctor shared five daily health habits he advises his patients to help them achieve longevity. About it writes portal “Doctor Peter”. It’s important … Read more

Named an unusual cause of dementia | CAPITAL on Onego

News. Society 00:12, 05 March 2023 photo: TASS / Artyom Geodakyan The doctor explained what a simple daily action will help reduce the risk of dementia. Michael Moseley, a British doctor and host of television programs on biology and medicine, spoke on his Just One Thing podcast about a daily habit that helps against dementia. … Read more