Devastating Floods in Libya: Causes, Impacts, and the Need for International Aid

2023-09-15 06:13:23 On Sunday the flood began in Libya. Then came the floods and total devastation. As of this Thursday, authorities reported at least 6,872 deaths and more than 10,000 missing. International aid organizations believe that the death toll will multiply when the final balance is made, since there are numerous towns that are cut … Read more

SPÖ-Regner on childcare: Nehammer promises are not credible

2023-09-05 17:07:14 When it comes to EU goals, Austria is on the brakes under turquoise-green leadership Vienna (OTS/SK) – The announcements made by Federal Chancellor Nehammer in the ORF summer talks on Monday evening that he wanted to close the gap in childcare for children under the age of 3 were rated positively by SPÖ-EU … Read more

Atlantic Coast Weather Forecast: Low Clouds, Fog, and Temperatures for September 5, 2023

2023-09-05 06:01:37 – Low clouds and local fog formations near the Atlantic coasts, in the morning and at night. – Slightly to temporarily cloudy sky with rare drops over the extreme South. – Dust removal on the south of the Oriental and the South-East. – Fairly strong gusts of wind over the south of the … Read more

SPÖ-Regner announces nominations for the LUX Film Prize 2024

2023-09-01 18:06:16 Kick-off for the LUX Film Prize in Venice Vienna (OTS/SK) – The Vice-President of the EU Parliament, SPÖ MP Evelyn Regner, is responsible for the LUX Film Prize of the EU Parliament as patron and announced the five nominees for the year 2024 at the Venice Film Festival today. She says about the … Read more

Anacim forecasts for this Tuesday, August 15, 2023

2023-08-15 12:50:26 The National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Anacim) has published its weather report for this Tuesday, August 15, 2023. Rain and/or thunderstorms are expected in several Senegalese localities. “The meteorological situation will be favorable to weak to moderate rainfall events becoming locally heavy over almost the entire territory, particularly in the Center … Read more

Local Weather Forecast and Temperature Updates for August 09, 2023: Hot Weather, Stormy Showers, and Gusts

2023-08-08 21:59:00 – Hot to locally very hot weather over the North and Center plains, the Oriental, the South-East and the East of the Southern provinces. – Sometimes stormy showers and gusts under thunderstorms on the High and Middle Atlas and their western plains. – Low clouds and misty formations near the coast. – Scattered … Read more