Intense Rains and Flooding in Montevideo: Stay Informed with Real-Time Updates

2023-12-01 22:51:22

The streets of Montevideo were flooded this Friday due to the intense rains that began at noon. The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology issued an orange alert for storms and vehicular traffic remains interrupted.

According to forecasts, the current conditions that impact the capital of Uruguay and other areas of the southwest of the country will be repeated in the coming hours. Particularly in the north, on the coast of the Uruguay River, where several departments have been experiencing floods for weeks and more than three thousand have been displaced by the flood.

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The director of Meteorology, Néstor Santayana, maintained that these phenomena were predicted and that a cold front is entering, preceded by the storm. Likewise, he assured that the temperature will drop over the weekend.

The streets of Montevideo were flooded this Friday due to the intense rains that began at noon. (Photo: Uruguay meteorology press)

For its part, the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) announced the highest accumulated rainfall, between 10:00 and 16:00 this Friday, by department.

The entity recorded that in Prado in Montevideo it rained 80 millimeters (mm), followed by Ismael Cortinas in Flores where 79 mm fell, then Cardona in Soriano with 66 mm, in Kiyú in San José with 64 mm, in San Jacinto Canelones with 50 millimeters and Laguna del Sauce in Maldonado with 45 mm.

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Likewise, specialists warned that tonight in storm zones “copious precipitation may be recorded in short periods, gusts of strong and very strong winds, hail and intense electrical activity.”

Given the problem, the Municipality released a WhatsApp number to inform the population about the obstructions and overflows of sewers and ravines.

“We are going to prepare as if the worst were going to happen. We will cut off traffic and warn people to avoid complicated crossings,” emphasized the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse.

The corner of Avenida del Libertador and La Paz flooded by heavy rains. (Photo: courtesy of Caras y Caretas)

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