Chile seeks a new Constitution: Why did the first attempt fail and how much has the interest of the population changed now? | Gabriel Boric | Constituent Assembly | Referendum | Augusto Pinochet | WORLD

MIRA: The crisis that led the Boric government to militarize the northern border of Chile writing a new Great Charter It is considered the greatest victory of the social outbreak that broke out in October 2019 and in which thousands of protesters took to the streets of Santiago and other cities for months to protest … Read more

Amateur astronomer discovers a galaxy so dwarf, computers missed it

Giuseppe Donatiello, an Italian amateur astronomer, detected a faint galaxy, which a computer algorithm could not distinguish. This discovery was later confirmed using the Hubble Space Telescope. Donatiello took data collected by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and did intensive observation work over the course of 6 years. In honor of his work, these are … Read more

Constitutional Council: Republicans rule out the list with Chile Vamos and Amarillos ratify that it is subtracted | National

From Amarillos por Chile they ratified that they decided to withdraw from the process of electing constitutional councilors, while from the Republican Party they ruled out any possibility of an alliance with Chile Vamos, so that from the opposition there is still no complete clarity on how the lists will be presented. The information is … Read more

Senate Commission particularly approves constitutional agreement after voting on almost 200 indications | National

This Thursday, in particular, the reform project that will enable the constitutional process was approved, after voting for almost 200 indications. For example, it was approved that the election of the members of the Constitutional Council will be held on May 7, 2023. The Constitution Commission of the Senate In particular, it approved the reform … Read more

Unanimous: Senate commission generally approves reform that enables new constituent process | National

This Monday the Constitution Commission of the Senate approved in general the reform that enables a new constitutional process. It is worth mentioning that indications may be submitted until noon tomorrow, which will be voted on Wednesday. The constitution committee of the Senate In general, it approved the reform project that enables the new constitutional … Read more

Former soccer player and veteran of Korea, José Kaor Dokú, died in Barranquilla

José Kaor Dokú, the last surviving member of Santa Fe, established himself as the first Colombian professional soccer champion, in 1948, died this Tuesday, in Barranquilla, at the age of 98. Of Japanese ancestry, her father was the hairdresser Toshio Dokú, the first Japanese to marry Candelaria Bermejo in Colombia, Kaor was born in Usiacurí … Read more