“Each act taken by the President of the Republic must be prescribed in the constitution” (Prof. Carlos Mupili) –

Professor Carlos Mupili spoke a few hours after the publication of the press release from the President of the DRC’s dircab authorizing members of the resigning government to carry on with current affairs. According to this legal expert, this correspondence does not comply with the constitution. It also contradicts the judgment of the High Court. … Read more

The Constitutional Court endorses that the Government denies to the opposition the reports available to approve decree laws | Spain

The Constitutional Court has endorsed that the Government is not obliged to deliver to Congress – and therefore, to the opposition – the documents and reports that it uses for the preparation and approval of a decree law. This doctrine appears in the sentence approved in the plenary session that the guarantee body held this … Read more

Boosted Participation and Null Votes: Analysis of Key Factors in Recent Elections

2023-12-18 13:00:24 KEYS | High participation and many null votes The mandatory vote, which was reinstated two elections ago, has boosted the high participation, which in this plebiscite reached 84%. It is a figure similar to the exit plebiscite of the first constitutional process in September 2022 and last May’s election of the Constitutional Council. … Read more

Broad commitment to neutrality at special meeting of the National Council

2023-10-25 20:47:00 Urgent request from the FPÖ rejected Vienna (PK) – At today’s demand from the FPÖ Special session of the National Council There was a broad commitment to Austria’s neutrality. Not only FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl but also representatives of other parties emphasized the importance of neutrality. But they also warned against the Freedom … Read more

FPÖ – Kickl invites ÖVP to convene an immediate special session of the National Council to protect cash | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-08-15 04:00:42 “Moose test for Nehammer and ÖVP, which has so far rejected all FPÖ applications for the protection of cash” Vienna (OTS) – After the ÖVP and Federal Chancellor Nehammer suddenly discovered the issue of cash for themselves, although the ÖVP has rejected free applications for the protection and receipt of cash in the … Read more

Berlakovich: “Cash in the Constitution Strengthens Regions”

2023-08-09 07:12:35 Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer not only focuses his politics on urban centers but also on rural regions Vienna (OTS) – “Anchoring cash in the constitution strengthens the regions. As a people’s party, we understand people’s fears that cash could be gradually abolished. By anchoring cash in the constitution, we are taking away these … Read more

SK Sturm Graz Dominates with a 2-0 Victory Over LASK: Champions League Qualification Next

2023-08-06 00:14:15 The SK Sturm Graz remains on the road to success and also celebrates a sovereign victory in the 3rd competitive game of the new season, the second in the 50th anniversary ADMIRAL Bundesliga season. With a performance-oriented 2:0 over the SHOT, who conceded his first defeat of the new season. While the Styrians … Read more