Aming Called the Moment of Hijrah Occurring Spontaneously

Jakarta – Some time ago, appearance Ours who became more religious made netizens excited. This received a positive response and many asked him to be istiqomah. According to Aming, there was no special moment that made him move. He said it happened spontaneously. “Nothing, no moments. I’m not a dramatic person, not overdramatic,” Aming said … Read more

Russian corruption Europe is not a decree – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) dated 10.01.2023

Russia withdraws from the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption. This step is a natural consequence of our country’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe. Legislators argue that we do not need advisers in the fight against this phenomenon: we will already give odds to other countries where they still do not know what it is … Read more

Update ! Pin 15 COVID-19 vaccination points, stimulating needles, Bangkok Metropolitan Region

although the situationCOVID-19 Some of it has begun to unravel. but at the same time foundnew infectedcontinually and to reduce the risk of new or re-infected infectionsbooster vaccineIt is one way to reduce the risk of infection. preventing severe illness and reducing the chance of death as well, whichCOVID-19 Vaccine stimulator needle regarded as very … Read more

NOSTRA updates 15 points to strengthen the immune system for the year 2013, vaccination boosters throughout Bangkok.

The latest update for NOSTRA (NOSTRA) that has pinned information on 15 vaccination points for COVID-19. The stimulus covers all over Bangkok. Enhance immunity to welcome the year 2023 NOSTRA issued a statement regarding this move that despite the COVID-19 situation will begin to resolve some but at the same time Still found new infected … Read more

“No one approves of our relationship but it’s real love”

The family bond was broken, plus she lost friends. “I never imagined that I would fall in love with him,” said the young woman. Sydney Dean met her husband, the trucker Paulwhen I was in sixth grade. She was 11 years old and went to her house to visit her boyfriend at the time without … Read more

Misr El-Maqasa coach: What happened to us in front of Al-Ahly is the worst in football

Eid Maraziq, coach of the first football team at Misr El-Maqasa Club, spoke about the loss that his team suffered against Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup. The red team met with its counterpart Egypt Al-Maqasa this evening, Sunday, in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, which was held at Al-Salam Stadium. “The worst thing … Read more