The wave of recognition of Palestine infuriated the Israeli International Ministry (VIDEO)

Eire, Norway and Spain have introduced plans to acknowledge a Palestinian state. The choice will formally come into power in just a few days – on Might 28. Israel reacted strongly towards it. “The 2-state answer is the one viable path to peace for each Israel and Palestine,” stated Norwegian International Minister Espen Bart Eide. … Read more

Laughing Stock: The Hilarious Road Sign Mistake in Henk, Flanders – A Belgian Joke Gone Viral!

2023-10-30 18:40:00 In Henk, Flanders, a recently installed road sign was the laughing stock of Internet users. And for good reason, the fault was committed on two panels, almost one below the other. In the images circulating on social networks, we can see that the letter “r” has been forgotten on the two signs indicating … Read more

By crossing a drone with a satellite, British scientists invent a perpetual motion machine

2023-10-04 17:22:04 Military espionage is usually carried out from a reconnaissance satellite located at an altitude of several hundred kilometers. However, traditions are breaking, and its functions are now being taken over by the so-called pseudo-satellite. More precisely, it is a drone flying in the stratosphere; however, associations with a satellite are not accidental: such … Read more

Gender Reveal Gone Wrong: Unexpected Reaction from Future Grandfather Shatters Joyful Moment

2023-09-28 17:30:00 For future parents, revealing their gender to close family is a very important moment during pregnancy. And on social networks, the “gender reveals” are often more original than the others. Balloons, cake cutting… are very popular trends for this event. of videos But during a “gender reveal” in the Philippines, while the moment … Read more

Assistant Manager Admits to Stealing €80,000 from Smart Suitcases at Brico de Hognoul | Latest News and Updates

2023-09-23 16:50:31 On Tuesday, Michel was arrested at Brico de Hognoul. He ended up admitting to having stolen a little less than €80,000 from smart suitcases in which the cash receipts were deposited. Le Brico de Hognoul located rue Chaussée 17/26. – Shopping Hognoul By Arnaud Bisschop Judicial journalist in La Meuse Published on 09/08/2023 … Read more

Tragic Road Accident Claims the Life of Olivier Cools: Call for Witnesses and Remembering a Beloved Motorcyclist

2023-09-15 18:33:44 Olivier Cools, a 32-year-old motorcyclist, lost his life last Friday in a road accident at Grote Steenweg in Geel (province of Antwerp). The accident occurred around 8:20 p.m. when his motorcycle collided with a car coming from the opposite direction. The victim died on the spot. The driver of the car was unhurt. … Read more

Beware of Vacation Rental Scams: A Cautionary Tale from Alicante and How to Protect Yourself

2023-08-26 09:45:00 For his first holiday in 11 years, Neil was looking for the perfect place for his family and found a villa to rent near Alicante. Length of stay ? Two weeks during the month of July 2023. On the rental site, the villa, which has four bedrooms, a swimming pool, a sauna, a … Read more

Russian singer Slava accused Sobchak of cowardice and did not keep obscene words addressed to her

2023-06-03 19:03:27 The famous Russian singer Slava completely gave free rein to her own emotions, speaking harshly about the artists who left the Russian Federation after the start of the NWO, betrayed their homeland, and did not give a damn about the graves of their ancestors. According to the well-known domestic vocalist, they absolutely cannot … Read more