Assistant Manager Admits to Stealing €80,000 from Smart Suitcases at Brico de Hognoul | Latest News and Updates

2023-09-23 16:50:31 On Tuesday, Michel was arrested at Brico de Hognoul. He ended up admitting to having stolen a little less than €80,000 from smart suitcases in which the cash receipts were deposited. Le Brico de Hognoul located rue Chaussée 17/26. – Shopping Hognoul By Arnaud Bisschop Judicial journalist in La Meuse Published on 09/08/2023 … Read more

Discover Gerpinnes: A Tranquil Rural Commune with Accessible Landscapes Near Charleroi

2023-09-23 04:45:00 A rural commune in the south of Charleroi, the entity of Gerpinnes is popular for its tranquility, its accessible landscapes and close to Charleroi. The price of building land there exceeds 180 euros per square meter. Read also Construction site of the tunnel and Boulevard Mainz in Charleroi: the permit was granted to … Read more

McDonald’s Shrinkflation: Big Tasty Burger Reduced in Size, Fans Furious

2023-09-09 09:42:00 McDonald’s fans are angry. More and more brands and companies are using a particular technique: reducing the quantity, without changing the price. This is called “shrinkflation”. The American chain used this technique for its Big Tasty burger. McDonald’s flagship dish has been praised by consumers: “It allows you to reduce the size of … Read more

Shocking Customer Behavior: Waitress Shares a Funny Misadventure on Reddit

2023-08-24 18:15:00 A waitress, who works in an establishment in the United States, shares a funny misadventure on the Reddit platform. She states that she was shocked by the behavior of a customer. Angry, he left him a message about his bill. He explains why he did not leave a tip, and this because of … Read more

The Difference Between Theoretical and Actual VAT Receipts: Exploring Belgium’s €10 Billion Gap

2023-08-18 02:00:00 We are talking here about the difference between theoretical and actual VAT receipts. “It is interesting to note that there is a large discrepancy between the estimates of the European Union and those provided by the IMF study”, specifies the federal deputy of the PTB, Marco Van Hees. of videos “In its December … Read more

Un énième accident sur la route des Trieux à Blaregnies : La colère des riverains de Quévy monte !

2023-08-06 16:34:00 Countless accidents have occurred on rue des Trieux in Blaregnies. The N543, regional road, has seen several, including some fatalities, in recent months. History repeated itself again this Saturday in fortunately less serious circumstances. But in Quévy, anger begins to rumble after this umpteenth accident. ** * * ** ***** **** ** **** … Read more