Article: The New York Times recommends (again) Cuba as a tourist destination! What’s coming!

Bridges of Love.- The New York Times recommends Cuba as one of the best tourist destinations in the world! Similar articles were published in 2015, under Obama, when the thaw in relations between Cuba/USA began. What do you think? What comes cannot be grasped with the hand! La Columna is a free space for the … Read more

Saboteurs prepared for life – Picture of the Day – Kommersant

The State Duma on Wednesday unanimously approved in the first reading a package of bills aimed at combating saboteurs. Amendments to the Criminal (CC) and Criminal Procedure (CPC) codes increase liability for sabotage and related crimes up to life imprisonment. The second project provides for blocking the accounts of persons involved in the financing of … Read more

Jalisco. They block the Saltillo highway, there are vehicles on fire

a command blocked the highway to Saltillo with burning vehicles after a confrontation with elements of Army in Zapopan, Jalisco. According to initial reports, several individuals descended from a gray sedan, lowered the passengers of an urban truck and set it on fire, heading towards the town of San Esteban, and a second vehicle was … Read more

Accident between Münchberg and Gefrees with several cars and several injuries

As the Upper Franconian police reported at 3:18 p.m. in a first report, at least ten vehicles were involved in an accident between the Gefrees and Münchberg-Süd junctions near Streitau. According to information from the police at 4 p.m., none of the injured are currently in danger of life. The number of injuries is in … Read more

The Minister of Communications answers • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Minister of Communications, Abdullah Al-Sawaha, commented on a question regarding blocking communication in the “WhatsApp” application, and whether citizens will be allowed to communicate in the near future. Al-Sawaha said during his hosting of the “Al-Liwan” program, with the media, “Abdullah Al-Mudaifer”, that he was the one who took the decision to … Read more