The Argentine pop diva Lali Espósito, Milei’s bête noire

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, leads a coordinated attack on television, radio and the Internet against pop diva Mariana Lali Espósito. Like the American Donald Trump with Taylor Swift, Milei has chosen the popular Argentine singer as his bête noire in the artistic field. Lali is not the only star in the country who … Read more

Elon Musk visits the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz to shake off accusations of anti-Semitism |

After traveling to Israel in November, Elon Musk visited the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau on Monday and participated in a conference on anti-Semitism, which has worsened since the beginning of Israel’s offensive in Gaza. In November he assured that his time in Israel “was not an apology tour,” but it occurred just after being … Read more

Andorra is choked by ‘youtubers’ | Catalonia | Spain

He youtuber Rubén Doblas, popularly known as The Rubius, was the one who sparked the controversy. In January 2021, when the pandemic was still very present in homes across half the planet, El Rubius announced in a broadcast of Twitch who was leaving Spain and moving to Andorra. He streamer He justified his decision by … Read more

Finance law 2024: the government wants to continue monitoring social networks to fight fraud

2023-12-21 17:00:08 LéA GIRARDOT / “THE WORLD” Bercy will be able to continue to hunt down fraudsters on online sales platforms and cast its net on social networks. The finance bill for 2024, definitively adopted Thursday, December 21, extends for two years and expands an experiment which, since 2021, has allowed the Ministry of the … Read more

“We never walked on the Moon”: the fake news that continues to poison the lives of teachers

2023-12-19 05:00:00 It is a course intended to check students’ digital skills which should have gone off without a hitch. However, on that September day, a photo of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 21, 1969, turned this lesson into the irrational. “The physical sciences teacher found herself faced with two final year students … Read more

Demystifying the Fediverse: What Meta’s Threads Integration Means for Social Media

2023-12-16 20:30:31 Since its creation in July, the new social network Threads, launched Thursday December 14 in the EU by Meta, says it wants to join the “fediverse”. We shed some light on this portmanteau word, which is about to gain popularity. Cryptic, the sentence signed Meta raises eyebrows: “We plan to integrate Threads into … Read more

The Legal Status of Billy Álvarez: Arrest Warrants and Controversy – Updated 12/16/2023

2023-12-16 14:47:47 DIRECTIVE The legal status of Billy Álvarez indicates that he has two arrest warrants, one from the federal order and another from the local order (CDMX), against him. By Guillermo Sandoval Updated on 12/16/2023 – 08:47am CST Updated on 12/16/2023 – 08:47am CST © Jam Media – SpecialBilly Álvarez, former president of Cruz … Read more

Uchulú’s Transformation: The Story of Etza Wong’s Aesthetic Surgeries and Social Media Backlash

2023-12-15 03:37:44 It was renewed. The content creator Etza Wong, who plays Uchulú, underwent two cosmetic surgeries and wore a new image on social networks despite transphobic comments. In this way, Uchulú published a series of photos on her Instagram account in which she showed her recent surgical intervention on her nose and bust. True … Read more