Degradation of works of art in Berlin: a new threat to culture?

For the moment, the investigators favor the track of an isolated act of vandalism and without reason. But the act, still without claim, worries the … Read more

Today’s visual challenge, only if you have 10/10 vision: can you find the hidden rabbit in the social media visual challenge? | Facebook Viral | Twitter | Trend | Trends | Viral | Mexico | MX | Spain | IT | United States | US | Colombia | CO | Peru | PE | PHOTOS | OFF SIDE

Many of us remember Bugs Bunny, the most intrepid, cunning and intelligent rabbit on TV, the one who was perhaps the most difficult to catch … Read more

“Mr. Paty, he was too funny, we all wanted to have him”

Samuel Paty, the history-geo teacher assassinated on Friday, was apparently an ace at jokes. Charlotte (1), 13, tells how much he could make people laugh … Read more