The Beauty and Balance of Nadia Ferreira: Model and Mother

2023-10-03 02:29:51 Social networks, such as Instagram, have become an essential means for celebrities share their daily lives with their followersthis phenomenon has allowed many models to take advantage of the platform to show their beauty and demonstrate that Any time is suitable for an impromptu photo session and a clear example of this is … Read more

victim of its success, the Beyfortus is partly reserved for maternity wards

2023-09-27 06:36:31 The Ministry of Health has announced that the Beyfortus treatment will ultimately be reserved for maternity wards in order to protect those most at risk. The Beyfortus treatment, which aims to immunize babies against the main virus causing bronchiolitis, will ultimately be reserved for maternity wards in its version intended for the smallest … Read more

Michelle Soifer on ‘My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours’: Facing Abel Lobaton and Yolanda Medina

2023-09-09 23:01:06 Micheille Soifer will be on the program “My mom cooks better than yours” this Sunday. The singer will pair with “Pantera” Zegarra and together they will face Abel Lobatón and Yolanda Medina. LOOK: Did he overdo it? Maicelo shows Samantha Batallanos semi-naked during broadcast Prior to her presentation on the gastronomic program, the … Read more

Sweet Family Bond: Begoña Basauri’s Heartwarming Postcard with Stepson Goes Viral

2023-08-12 03:58:42 Begoña Basauri filled social networks with sweetness this Thursday by sharing a postcard where her six-month-old daughter Rosa appears, holding the hand of Juan, the son of her partner, Sebastián Undurraga. This 10-year-old son-in-law maintains a very nice relationship with the actress. “It may not be ‘the most instagrammable spot’ or the most … Read more

Risk of Collapse at Mons Pedestrian Area Building: Updates and Analysis

2023-07-27 19:34:25 Since early Thursday evening, the bottom of the Mons pedestrian area has been blocked at numbers 32 and 34 (opposite the old Club, a stone’s throw from the Passage du Centre). “We noted a risk of collapse in the commercial maternity building which belongs to the City. The police and firefighters intervened and … Read more

Actress Constanza Mackenna Celebrates Birth of Youngest Son Teo: Exclusive Instagram Photos and Updates

2023-06-28 04:34:21 In the last days of October 2022, Constanza Mackenna celebrated the birth of her youngest son, Teo. The offspring is the result of her marriage to engineer Pedro Costabal, a union from which her daughter Rebeca was also born. The actress of “Generation 98” shared a touching photograph of the “Benjamín” of the … Read more

Surprise Announcement: Marco Antonio Orozco’s Delight at Tiane Endler’s Journey to Motherhood

2023-06-24 03:59:50 For Marco Antonio Orozco, Tiane Endler’s father-in-law, the news of the soccer player’s desired motherhood with his wife took him by surprise and he received the announcement with great joy. It should be remembered that in the Chilevisión program “Podemos Hablar”, the archer announced that she is undergoing treatment to see the birth … Read more