MONO’s high school performance delights the audience

After deciding to debut their own music product and become a prominent name in the entertainment industry, MONO – Son Tung’s younger brother already has a huge fan base. Besides outstanding talent, MONO also received many compliments for his friendly attitude and scored points for his lovely actions. For that reason, all the information surrounding … Read more

Seven films gathered in the Spring Festival, with rich types and many audience choices_Story_Movie_Comedy

Original title: Seven films gathered in the Spring Festival, rich in types and audience choices According to the “2022 China Film Market Annual Inventory Report” released by the Beacon Research Institute, the total national movie box office in 2022 will be 30.067 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 36.4% from 2021, and the number of … Read more

Malih Tong Tong Criticizes Comedy Shows No Longer Natural

Jakarta – For a long time, comedy programs on television have always been favorites. This program is considered acceptable by many people. However, senior comedian Malih Tong Tong said that the comedy programs on television had shifted. In the past, comedy connoisseurs on television could laugh out loud, unlike today. The program Malih is referring … Read more

Review Series : “Destiny Loves Across Time”, a romantic comedy series that looks fun. “Hu Yitian & Chen Yuqi” The Bear sells tongue and teeth chemistry

It is another series that fans have been waiting for ‘Destiny Love Across Time’ (See You Again – 2022) because they want to see the happiness of the couple who want them to come together (at last) between ‘Hu Yi Tian’, the handsome and white actor from the series. Mr. Shy and Red Cheeks (Go … Read more

“Ticket to Paradise” with Roberts & Clooney: RomCom clichés and a shallow plot make you melancholic

RomCom starring Roberts and Clooney “Ticket to Paradise”? More like a ticket to hell By Linn Penkert 09/15/2022 11:47 am A divorced couple who hate each other travel halfway across the world to sabotage their daughter’s wedding to a Balinese man. With “Ticket to Paradise” Julia Roberts and George Clooney don’t win big – on … Read more

“I’m Growing Up”, Claudio Michaux’s new show: “It deals with the funny and difficult aspects of adult life” | shows-biobiotv

Claudio Michaux has established himself as a benchmark of national stand up comedy and after his triumph in the television program the huincha He has achieved greater recognition and captured new audiences, the same feat that he seeks to replicate with his first great show, “I’m Growing”, which will make his debut on the big … Read more