Producer Price Index Report: Metallurgy Declines, Clothing Industry Rises – Insights on Quarterly Trends

2023-09-25 17:20:16 Overall drop of 0.1% in producer prices: Metallurgy down, clothing industry up According to the August HCP report, the producer price index for manufacturing industries, excluding oil refining, recorded a slight decline of 0.1% from the previous month. To put this decrease in perspective, the same index had experienced a significant increase in … Read more

The Health Benefits of Turmeric: From Digestive Disorders to Joint Pain

2023-09-25 04:40:00 This golden yellow spice has been used for millennia as a condiment in Indian and Asian cuisine. It has medicinal properties. And for several decades, it has been the subject of numerous scientific research. Researchers are interested in its potential to fight diseases as diverse as cancer, depression, osteoarthritis, etc. Recently, scientists have … Read more

Unprecedented Inflation in Supermarkets: The Rising Costs Impacting Consumers

2023-09-24 18:20:44 This surge in costs did not have immediate consequences in supermarkets, food stores, bakeries or restaurants. drazen_zigic/Drazen – DECRYPTION – For two years, a phenomenon unprecedented in forty years has occurred: inflation in supermarkets which exceeds 20%. Shrinkflation, label waltz, crisis profiteers…For two years, the French have been dealing with a daily … Read more

Israeli Authorities’ Denial of Life-Saving Health Care for Palestinian Minors in Gaza: Save the Children Report

2023-09-24 17:09:51 Israeli authorities deprived nearly 400 Palestinian minors in Gaza of life-saving health care in the first half of 2023, according to a recent Save the Children report. On average each month, 60 young patients have not been allowed to travel to the occupied West Bank for urgent medical care, which equates to more … Read more

Easily create videos using AI

2023-09-24 18:09:53 Google recently made an important announcement for content creators, unveiling new features designed to improve the user experience of its platform. Among these innovations, the Dream Screen functionality particularly attracted attention during the “Made on YouTube” event held in New York. On this occasion, the director of Google’s famous video platform, Neal Mohan, … Read more